Henry Lawson

Chronological list of poetry

1885 - 1887 - 1888 - 1889 - 1890 - 1891 - 1892 - 1893 - 1894 - 1895 - 1896 - 1897 - 1898 - 1899

1900 - 1901 - 1902 - 1903 - 1904 - 1905 - 1906 - 1907 - 1908 - 1909 - 1910

1911 - 1912 - 1913 - 1914 - 1915 - 1916 - 1917 - 1918 - 1919 - 1920 - 1921 - 1922

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"Shadows Before" (MS)


A Song of the Republic
The Hymn of the Socialists
Statue of Robert Burns
The Legend of Cooee Gully
Golden Gully
The Wreck of the "Derry Castle"
Only a Sod
"Flag of the Southern Cross"
The Distant Drum (MS)


The Army of the Rear
Faces In The Street
The Watch on the Kerb
A May Night on the Mountains
Lachlan Side
The Blue Mountains
"Let's Be Fools Tonight"
Beaten Back
Andy's Gone With Cattle
Andy's Return
Shearers' Song


The Roaring Days
Eureka (A Fragment)
The Ballad of the Drover
The Sleeping Beauty
The Mountain Splitter
The Song and the Sigh
The Cattle-Dog's Death
The Teams
Old Stone Chimney
Brighten's Sister-in-Law
The Squatter's Daughter
Mount Bukaroo
The "Seabolt's" Volunteers
The Legend of Mammon Castle
Laughing and Sneering
He's Gone to England for a Wife
O Cupid, Cupid; Get Your Bow!
The Song of the Waste-Paper Basket
Rain in the Mountains
The Ghost
To the Irish Delegates


Middleton's Rouseabout
Skeleton Flat
To a Pair of Blucher Boots
A Word to Texas Jack
The Glass on the Bar
To "Doc" Wylie
Over the Ranges and Into the West
The Two Samaritans and the Tramp
The Squatter, Three Cornstalks, and the Well
The Song of Old Joe Swallow
The Black Tracker
Ireland Shall Rebel
Stand by the Engines
The Statue of Our Queen
John Cornstalk
Who's Dot Pulleteen?
On the Summit of Mount Clarence
An Australian Advertisement
The Australian Marseillaise
The Pavement Stones
The Fight at Eureka Stockade
Cherry-Tree Inn
The Fire at Ross's Farm
When the Children Come Home
Trouble on the Selection
He Mourned His Master
Sweethearts Wait on Every Shore
The Water Lily


The Babies of Walloon
The Good Old Concertina
Eurunderee [I]
The Shanty on the Rise
The Free-Selector's Daughter
The Way I Treated Father
Corny Bill
At The Tug-of-War
Mary Lemaine
Trooper Campbell
Ben Duggan
Dan Wasn't Thrown From His Horse
Watching the Crows
Song of the Old Bullock-Driver
The Drover's Sweetheart
The Ballad of Mabel Clare
Freedom on the Wallaby
The Triumph of the People
Spread the Truth!
"Jack Robertson"
The Labour Agitator
The Vote of Thanks Debate
The Patriotic League
The Rebel
The Helpless Mothers
Sydney Town in '91
The God-Forgotten Election
As Ireland Wore the Green
When the Irish Flag Went By
["Cribs to be Cracked!"]
The Cambaroora Star
The Ghost at the Second Bridge
Kangaroo Power
Cameron's Heart
On the Wallaby
["Let the Government Determine..."]
[Harry Stephens]
The Beauty and the Dude
Lay Your Ears Back and Fight
My Literary Friend
The Shame of Going Back
The Old Man's Welcome


A Derry on a Cove
A Study in the "Nood"
The Love of a "God"
A Prouder Man Than You
Ned's Delicate Way
When Your Pants Begin to Go
Constable M'Carty's Investigations
The Captain of the Push
Billy's "Square Affair"
"Wales the First"
When the Duke of Clarence Died
The English Queen
The House of Fossils
More Echoes from the Old Museum
When the Bush Begins to Speak
'Cross the Border
May Day in Europe
The Old Rebel Flag in the Rear
Modern Parasites
Charley Lilley
Rise Ye! Rise Ye!
The Lay-'Em-Out Brigade
You'll Triumph Not in This Land
The Southern Scout
Our Children's Land
Up the Country
Cruise of the "Crow"
A Song of Southern Writers
The Press Gang
The City Bushman
The Poets of the Tomb
The Grog-an'-Grumble Steeplechase
"Tambaroora Jim"
Mary Called Him "Mister"
Jack Dunn of Nevertire
There's a Bunk in the Humpy
Taking His Chance


When the "Army" Prays for Watty
"All Unyun Men"
Lake Eliza
The Paroo
Saint Peter
Out Back
Tally Town
Knocked Up
The Great Grey Plain
The Western Stars
"Sez You''
Antony Villa
The Waving of the Red
The English Ne'er-do-well
Something Better
The Other Gum
"Ryan's Crossing"
The Emigration to New Zealand
The Morning of New Zealand
Arthur Desmond
Here's Luck!


The Windy Hills o' Wellington
"The Home of the Gods"
Rewi to Grey
The Latter End of Spring
To Tom Bracken
Australian Bards and Bush Reviewers
In the Days When the World Was Wide
Beautiful Maoriland
Martin Farrell
O'Hara, J.P.
Republican Pioneers
In the Street
Charley Turner
Old Joe Swallow
Marshall's Mate
I'll Tell You What, You Wanderers


The Vagabond
To an Old Mate
Peter Anderson and Co.
Dan, the Wreck
To the "Advanced Idealist"
The Fate of the Fat Man's Son
The Star of Australasia
Years After the War in Australia
Since Then
But What's The Use


The Way of the World
After All
Write by Return
When You're Bad in Your Inside
The Bursting of the Boom
The Outside Track
The Men Who Come Behind
Reedy River
The Man from Waterloo
Bill and Jim Fall Out
The New Chum Jackaroo
The Swagman and His Mate


The Professional Wanderer
The Three Kings [I]
The Jolly Dead March
Written Afterwards
The Writer's Dream
The Ports of the Open Sea
The Old Mile-Tree
The Uncultured Rhymer to His Cultured Critics
Old Tunes
The Battling Days
A Backward Glance
The Men We Might Have Been
"The Voice from Over Yonder"
Foreign Lands
The Light on the Wreck
The Old Bark School
The Green-Hand Rouseabout
A Little Mistake
The Boss 0ver the Board
The Boss's Boots
When the Ladies Come to the Shearing-Shed
The Drovers
The Lights of Cobb and Co.


The Ships That Won't Go Down
The Christ of the "Never"
The Dons of Spain
Out on the Roofs of Hell
"Knocking Around"


The Sliprails and the Spur
The Shakedown on the Floor
The Days When We Went Swimming
The Song of the Darling River
Pigeon Toes
Past Carin'
The Stranger's Friend
Andy Page's Rival
How the Land Was Won
The Ballad of the Rouseabout
Jack Cornstalk [1899]
Second Class Wait Here
The Old Jimmy Woodser
From the Strand to the Never
Our Fighters
The Blessings of War
The Babies in the Bush
The Green Tide
The Rovers
The Flag of Our Destinies (MS)
The Man Ahead (MS)
'Twas a Land Set Apart (MS)


Ballad of the Cornstalk
The Author's Farewell to the Bushmen
The Ballad of the Black-Sheep
The Rush to London
From the Bush


Jack Cornstalk [1901]
The Bulletin Hotel
The Things We Dare Not Tell
As Far As Your Rifles Cover
The Bush Girl
The Never-Never Country
The Shearers
Heed Not
The Men Who Made Australia


The Drums of Battersea
Gipsy Too
Say Good-bye When Your Chum is Married
The Separation
When Bertha Comes to Tea
The Wander-Light
Will Yer Write It Down for Me?
*** Shearer's Dream (attributed)


The Cliffs
A Voice from the City
The Men Who Live It Down
The Alleys
New Life, New Love
The Brass Well
The Passing of Scotty
My Land and I
The Drums of Ages
The Pride That Comes After
The Leader and the Bad Girl
Brother, You'll Take My Hand
They Can Only Drag You Down
Exit (MS)


The Women of the Town
The Secret Whisky Cure
The Afterglow
Written Out [I]
The Last Review
To Hannah
Break o' Day
To Jim
With Dickens
The Crucifixion
The Ballad of the Elder Son
The Good Samaritan
Joseph's Dreams and Reuben's Brethren
When I Was King
Old North Sydney
And the Bairns Will Come
In the Storm That Is To Come
The Heart of Australia
On the March
The Firing-line
Riding Round the Lines
When the Bear Comes Back Again
The Little Czar
Australian Engineers
Those Foreign Engineers
The Men Who Went Away (MS)
The Ministry of Men (MS)


The Two Poets
The Soul of a Poet
And What Have You to Say?
The Spirits for Good
The Crossroads
The Drunkard's Vision
As Good As New
Robbie's Statue
The King and Queen and I
The ScampsThe Men Who Stuck to Me
The Pink Carnation
The Bill of the Ages
Hannah Thomburn
The Tracks That Lie by India
The Bonny Port of Sydney
The Memories They Bring
The Vanguard [I]
Waratah and Wattle
For Australia
Australia's Peril
"The Water"
The Cliques of the Who'll-Get-In
The Federal City
The Stringy-bark Tree
In Possum Land
The Bush Fire
"Broken Axletree"
The Heart of the Swag
To Jack
The Muscovy Duck
Give Yourself a Show
To Show What a Man Can Do
The Individualist (MS)


To Victor Daley
A Word from the Bards
In the Height of Fashion
The Empty Glass
The Bards Who Lived at Manly
The Bard of Furthest Out
The Spirits of Our Fathers
For All the Land to See
The Stranded Ship
Our Mistress and Our Queen
To Be Amused
Since the Cities Are the Cities
That Great Waiting Silence
Johnson's Wonder
Before We Were Married
My Wife's Second Husband
My Father-in-Law and I
The Peace Maker
Keeping His First Wife Now
The Prime of Life
Above Crow's Nest (Sydney)
The Horseman on the Skyline
The Bush Beyond the Range
"Bound for the Lord-Knows-Where"
Sheoaks That Sigh When the Wind Is Still
"Bush Hay"
The Wantaritencant
A Banquet of Stinking Fish (MS)
"The Damanreadabook" (MS)
The Old Ring-Master (MS)
Sea Children of the Sea (MS)
The Newer Things at Home (MS)
Gold in Their Teeth (MS)


What Have We All Forgotten?
Cypher Seven
The Cab Lamps
Macleay Street and Red Rock Lane
His Toast and Mine
I'm An Older Man Than You
Till all the Bad Things Came Untrue
The Lily of St Leonards
For He Was a Jolly Good Fellow
The Gathering of the Brown-eyed
The Song of the Doodle Doos
The Separated Women
Who'll Wear the Beaten Colours?
The Secessionist
The Country Girl
The Motor Car
Every Man Should Have a Rifle
Take It Fightin'
The Day Before I Die
When Your Sins Come Home to Roost
The Sorrows of a Simple Bard
A Dan Yell
The First Dingo
Clinging Back
Five Years Later (MS)
The Greying of My Hair (MS)


One Hundred and Three
The Friends of Fallen Fortunes
A Song of General Sick and Tiredness
Exceeding Small
Without the Heart Behind It
The Sign of the Old Black Eye
In the Days When We Are Dead
The Song of the Back to Front
The Port o' Call
The Old Pens and the New
As It Is in the Days of Now
The Old Squire
Because of Her Father's Blood
Because My Father's One
The Knight of the Garden Spade
The Song of Australia
The Skyline Riders
The "Problems"
The Bard's Triumph (MS)
Sayonara (MS)
"He Isn't Long for This World" (MS)
There Was a Song (MS)


Nineteen Nine
When There's Trouble on Your Mind
The Song of a Prison
Sticking to Bill
I'd Back Again the World
The Black Bordered Letter
The Southerly Bluster
The Song of What Do You Think
The Gentlemen of Dickens
The Horse and Cart Ferry
The Briny Grave
The Scots
The Little Slit in the Tail
A Bush Girl
The Poet's Kiss
The Lily and the Bee
The "Soldier Birds"
Grace Jennings Carmichael
Down The River
The Imported Servant
Billy of Queensland
Somewhere Up in Queensland
The Man Who Raised Charlestown
The Iron Wedding Rings
The Story of Marr
Captain Von Esson of the "Sebastopol"
"Fall In, My Men, Fall In"
"Here Died"
The Great Fight (MS)
The Duty of Australians (MS)
The Land of Living Lies (MS)
The Land of "Missing Friends" (MS)
A Regret (MS)
For Being Alive (MS)
Deprived of Liberty (MS)
Legal Cant (MS)
Bound Over (MS)
The Female Ward (MS)
The Dog in the Moon (MS)
Biddy O'Dowd (MS)
The North Shore Business Girl (MS)
Her Vagabond Friend (MS)
Charity (MS)
Barents (MS)
Exploring (MS)
The Something That Never Comes (MS)


To My Friends
"Everyone's Friend"
The Auld Shop & the New
Owed (and Paid) to a Bottle
The Old, Old Story and the New Order
Written Out [II]
Do You Think That I Do Not Know?
The Wattle
The Foreign Drunk
Gypsy Blood
When Hopes Ran High
The Patteran
The Song of Broken English
The Song of Many
The Men Who Made Bad Matches
Gettin' Back
The Bar
Did You See Us Sailing Past?
Mallacoota Bar
Ben Boyd's Tower
To a Fellow-Bard Camping Out
Bonnie New South Wales
Mallacoota West
Seaweed, Tussock, and Fern
The King [I]
When Kitchener Shed Tears
William Street
Above Lavender Bay
The World Is Full of Kindness
If They Win To-night
The Wowsers are Down and Out
As It Was in the Beginning
The King of our Republic
At the Beating of a Drum
The Rose
The Little Native Rose
He Had So Much Work to Do
Kiss in the Ring
When This New Bar is OId (MS)
Unwritten Books (MS)
Out of Fashion (MS)
It is Not There (MS)
["To E.J. Brady"] (MS)
A Refutation (MS)
To the Land I Love (MS)
Waratah, My Mountain Queen (MS)
Wine from the Riverine (MS)
Bushman Sailor (MS)
Native Fruit (MS)
The Unknown Flower (MS)
The Bard Gets Massaged (MS)
Knighthood (MS)
After the Battle (MS)
When All the World Is New (MS)
Shades (MS)
The Spirit of Sydney (MS)
Queen Hilda of Virland (MS)


The Fairy West
A Nocturne
The Lost Punch
Mudgee Town
The Road to St Helena
The Old Head Nurse and the Young Marchioness
Australia's Forgotten Flag
The Universal Brothers
The Song of the Heathen
The King [II]
The Reformation of the Eldest Son
Donald Macdonell (MS)
Said Grenfell to My Spirit (MS)
What's in a Name? (MS)
Recollections (MS)
A Riddle in Remorse (MS)
The Drunken Leader (MS)
What Manner of Man Is He? (MS)
Mr Printer's Error (MS)
The Pub That Lost Its Licence (MS)


Red and Gold
Jim-Jam Land
The Old Push and the New
The Studio
Men of Hell and London East
Too Old to Rat
A Song of Brave Men
The Men Who Sleep With Danger
Down and Out (MS)
"I Wish I Could Write My Life!" (MS)
To the Friends that Remain (MS)


The Vendetta
The OId, Old Story
Another Song of General Sickness and Tiredness
Louis Becke
Wide Lies Australia (MS)
Along by Merry Christmas Time (MS)


The Old Horse Ferry
Eurunderee [II]
The Flour Bin
"Trouble Belongit Mine"
On Looking Through an Old Punishment Book
Callaghan's Hotel
The Lady of the Motor Car
The Three Quiet Gentlemen
The Unknown God
A Fantasy of War
Dawgs of War
A Mixed Battle Song
The March of Ivan
A Dirge of Joy
Grey Wolves Grey
The Parley Voo
Peddling Round the World
A Slight Misunderstanding at the Jasper Gate
Antwerp (1914)
Soldier Libertine
Kerosene Bay
Commodore Blue
The Sea-Caves
A Mate Can Do No Wrong
Old Southerly Buster Gets Lost
The Local Spirit
All Ashore!
Some New Year Wishes
A Fantasy of Man (MS)
Sons of Foreign Fathers (MS)
["Christmas Day"] (MS)
"Of the Bigness of a Hand" (MS)
["A Sordid Tale"] (MS)


The Year Fifteen
My Army, O, My Army!
Young Kings and Old
Song of the Dardanelles
A Thousand Friends and None
The Route March
The Recruiting Sergeants
The Recruits
Fighting Hard
Brother-in-law and I
The Vanguard [II]
The Foreign Legion
Mostly Slavonic
Hold Out!
A New John Bull
Said the Kaiser to the Spy
A Dirge or a Wail, or Something
A Dirge of Gloom
Archie Ward
Lawson's Dream
The Old Stockman's Lament
Booth's Drum [I]
Just Like Home
The Three Kings [II]
The Captains
Kiddie's Land
The Unknown Patient
Next Door
War on Women
Old Portraits
The Kangaroo Jack Tar (MS)
Brother Piet (MS)


Black Bonnets
The Sacrifice of Ball's Head
Leeton Town
A Song of Yanco
The Return
The Portugee
Billy Boy
The Lone Mate
In Flanders
Women and Children Again
To Roumania
A Few Remarks Concerning A Bear
The Calling of the Gods
Lowe and Bee Hold
Advertisement for Hean's Essence
The Passing Stranger at Burrinjuck (MS)
A Leeton Marching Song (MS)
Old Joe Hunt (MS)
Lest Dogs Defile! (MS)


England Yet
The Ballad of the Hundred and Third
Scots of the Riverina
Don't Worry, Little Woman!
Ripperty! Kye! Ahoo!
Booth's Drum [II]
Gypsy Yet
The Lovable Characters
Posts and Rails
Evatt's Block: A Drone of the Irrigation Area
The Absent Jack
The Friendless One
The Right-O Girl
The Mucklebraeans
The Old Trouble
Billo's Point of View
A Mixed-Up Business (MS)
Auld Scottish Sangs (MS)
Jack Kirkland (MS)
The Song of the Kaiser's Mo' (MS)
Uncle Samuel (MS)
Russia 1917 (MS)
The Ballad of the Casual Lunatic (MS)
I Read A Song (MS)
Mostly Matrimonial (MS)


At The Sign of the Rotten Egg
The Cockney Soul
Wide Spaces
The Tragedy
Absolution - for the Woman
Forgiveness - for the Strollers
Those Messages from Mars
The King His Crown
The Belfries of Strassburg
The Scandal (MS)


The League of Nations
When You Get That Kindly Feeling
"Shut Your Head!"
England's Work
Archibald's Monument
The Township
The Row at Ryan's Pub
Dog Battler


The Origin of the "Lone Hand"
Ninety-one and Ninety-two
The Song of Tyrrell's Bell
The Bard and Disbarred
Uncle Harry
Me an' Mack
Granny's Specs
I Patched His Pants
The Delegates
In Memory of Claude Marquet
[In Memory of James J. Salter]
To the Memory of Louisa Albury
Bill Beach (MS)
The Harriet (MS)
The Female Touch (MS)
Red Tape (MS)


The Parsin for Edgerkashun
To Tom
The Rhyme of the Three Greybeards
Aaron's Pass
Dind's Hotel
The Low Lighthouse
Tom Mutch's Political Pyjamas (MS)


In the Days When We Were Young
A Hundred and One
The Upper Circle
When the Visitors Go
On The Night Train

The Poetry of Henry Lawson
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