Bruce Kingsbury
Private Bruce Kingsbury

Kokoda Day
29th August

A commemoration of those whose sacrifices, valour, and courage defended our Australian Nation

1942 was the year of Australia's greatest trial, when citizen soldiers and AIF forces battled against the onslaught of Japanese military imperialism in New Guinea. The fall of Port Moresby was to be Japan's stepping stone to Australia.

The campaign centred around the metre wide, 160 kilometre long Kokoda Track through the Owen Stanley Mountain Range, crossing gorges and streams, and over ridges up to 2,500 metres high, from Buna to Port Moresby. It was known as the worst battlefield of WWII.

Australians, outnumbered five to one, fighting against superior armed and experienced jungle troops, finally sapped the strength of the Japanese, bringing their advance to a halt, and then drove them out of New Guinea.

At Giropa Point during the final assault on Buna

Any plans by the Japanese for the subjugation of Australia, and the destruction of our European civilisation, were thwarted by the courage of our fighting heroes, many just raw troops in their teens, to whom Australians forever owe a debt of gratitude.

Although Anzac Day has been used as a commemoration for all our servicemen and women, special recognition of the significance of the struggle that ensured OUR NATIONAL SURVIVAL is paramount, and is long overdue, particularly now with the undermining of the Anzac observance by anti-Australian multiculturalists.

From the innumerable untold and unrecorded sacrifices and actions by Australians throughout the Pacific campaign, IN THE DEFENCE OF OUR OWN COUNTRY, the date 29th August, has been selected for the commemoration. It is a day that reinforces the real essence of ANZAC - the fighting spirit and heroism of Australians - and henceforth a celebration from Australia's own cultural heritage. It is a day purely for true blue Aussies!

The first Victoria Cross on territory administered by the Australian Commonwealth was awarded for actions carried out on this date in 1942 by Private Bruce Steel Kingsbury, 2/14 Australian Infantry Battalion, A.I.F., for bravery in action at Isurava (on the Kokoda Track), Papua (Posthumous Award).

CITATION: In New Guinea, the Battalion to which Private Kingsbury belonged had been holding a position in the Isurava area for two days against continuous and fierce enemy attacks. On 29th August, 1942, the enemy attacked in such force that they succeeded in breaking through the Battalion's right flank, creating serious threats both to the rest of the Battalion and to its Headquarters. To avoid the situation becoming more desperate it was essential to regain immediately lost ground on the right flank. Private Kingsbury, who was one of the few survivors of a Platoon which had been overrun and severely cut about by the enemy, immediately volunteered to join a different platoon which had been ordered to counter- attack. He rushed forward firing the Bren gun from his hip through terrific machine-gun fire and succeeded in clearing a path through the enemy. Continuing to sweep enemy positions with his fire and inflicting an extremely high number of casualties on them, Private Kingsbury was then seen to fall to the ground shot dead by the bullet from a sniper hiding in the wood. Private Kingsbury displayed a complete disregard for his own safety. His initiative and superb courage made possible the recapture of a position which undoubtedly saved Battalion Headquarters, as well as causing heavy casualties amongst the enemy. His coolness, determination and devotion to duty in the face of great odds was an inspiration to his comrades.
(9th February 1943)

The VC is the highest decoration able to be achieved for conspicuous bravery in wartime by those of Australia's Armed Forces.

"To him go out the grateful thanks of those whose lives he saved that day by freely giving his own. Wherever men speak of courage, wherever men speak of sacrifice, he will be remembered, his name ever an inspiration and a challenge".
(unit historian)

The call to specially commemorate the deeds of Australians IN THE DIRECT DEFENCE OF OUR NATION is well justified, not only as a recognition of an eternal debt, but also to advance our own unique cultural heritage and identity.

This is imperative in view of the pitiful state our civilisation has been reduced to under the auspices of anti-Australian politicians since the Second World War. With contempt for the sacrifices of our heroes, these Quislings, always ready to sell us out to the highest foreign bidder, have undermined virtually all that was fought for:

The attempted destruction of our homogeneous community, through never ending mass immigration of non-Europeans; people who have played no part in the creation of our society, and who will never be true blue Australians.

Our Australian cultural heritage is being treated as second-rate or worthless; to be replaced by a myriad of foreign cultures, government-sponsored anti-Australian multiculturalism, and Asianisation.

The near-total sell off of our resources, and productive wealth to foreign interests, reducing Australians to nothing but pawns of international money. We have become the laughing stock of Asia - sniggered at in the boardrooms of Japan.

The creation of an overseas-induced export driven, ecologically unstainable economy, that forecasts an environmental nightmare for our native soil.

The political traitors of the Liberal, National, Labor, and Democrat parties that are responsible for this national degeneration, would probably be the type today to say that our fighters on Kokoda were "discriminating" against the Japs! These internationalist serfs, anti-Australian multiculturalists, and Asianisers must be removed from the national stage, in order that we can rebuild the Australian Nation for the 21st century. We owe it to those heroic troops that laid their lives on the line for us.

Australian Nationalists call on all real Australians to commemorate "KOKODA DAY". Celebrate to show our gratitude for the sacrifices of our war-time heroes; stand up for our own Australian culture - dismiss Multiculturalists and Asianisers as contemptible; promote genuine national patriotism and sentiment; and support the new forces of Australianism.

"I thought of Kokoda and the fury that drove our men on in the face of death in such numbers as few have faced, driven on by the fear for their homes and families, for the land that was theirs. I pray God that some day I will write about what these men did."

Mary Gilmore, August 1944.

"One was blown to bits by a land mine in front of me. I remember the agony of another as he held his entails in his hands. I remember digging holes and burying them. They died for nothing."

Nick Maine, 2/2 Infantry Battalion, 1990.

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