Australian Nationalism Vs. Anglo-Saxonism, part 3 of 4


The Anglo-Saxonists confuse the debate by raising the question of the monarchy. It is true that many of those Australians who are not even royalist in inclination have a certain "affection" for Queen Elizabeth II. Many people find the monarchy a "charming" institution, a pleasant colonial anachronism. The debate over monarchy vs. republic can be confusing; especially with many of the "republicans" being of the Grassby ilk. The Anglo-Saxonists, however, make their usual errors.

The Monarchy is held up as THE stable institution in a changing Australia, the incarnation of national values and heritage. Has the Monarchy in Britain saved that country from national decline and alien immigration? Unfortunately not. The Anglo-Saxonists maintain, however, that the Monarchy is a sort of talisman against republican Europeans and non-white immigration. By rallying to it we can supposedly save ourselves. We don't think the Monarchy deserves such praise. Prince Phillip is a thorough-going internationalist and Prince Charles continually advocates multiracialism. Queen Elizabeth II has presided over the decline of a great empire - and without even questioning its slide into oblivion!

The Monarchy is a political fact in Australia. But it is under challenge by circumstances of administration and law. WE ARE AWARE THAT THE TREND MOVES EVER SLOWLY TOWARDS A REPUBLIC. Of course, we would oppose a banana republic of the Labor Party type. But we cannot oppose history. The Nationalist movement views the republican debate of the Establishment as largely irrelevant, as it avoids the true issues that face us regarding true Australian independence. Nevertheless, we will not stand by and see the question of Australian Heritage and Identity obscured by foolish persons concerned over the dignity of a particular institution.


Australian Nationalists find our Anglo-Saxonists decidedly lacking in VISION. We have a "vision splendid", for our country. We would prefer a nation of 15-20 million European souls armed with an assertive Australian Identity. Australia could be the last frontier for the settlement and development for the European race. THAT WAS THE DREAM of many early Australian nationalists. However, it would appear from the literature of the Anglo-Saxonists that they have an alternative to the Nationalist vision of an independent Australia.

The Anglo-Saxonists envisage a land primarily of Anglo-Saxon stock. Some of them envisage that our defence system would rest on alliances with other countries of the British Commonwealth, as well as with the USA. Culturally, we would inevitably retreat into "Tradition", while politically it is likely that in some circumstances our national interests would be sacrificed "for the good of the British Commonwealth". IS THAT A GOAL IN WHICH WE COUlD TAKE PRIDE? Some of our Anglo-Saxonists believe that this "goal" is even somehow "Christian"(?!?!).

The movement of Australian Nationalism requires an imagery, a strong and vibrant vision to contrast itself against the rotting consumerist society of today. We can project ourselves this way. We can offer the new; while our Anglo-Saxonists could never become a real movement of "vision", since they can only offer a distorted image of what was.


Our Anglo-Saxonists have never really decided whether they really like, or don't like, the presence of certain Europeans in Australia. Lately, they have begun to speak of maintaining our "European identity". But it is obvious that their goal is NOT to rally the best from our European migrant communities behind a movement to save the Nation from its "Asian Destiny". They endlessly quibble about certain European migrants and their "clannishness" and whatnot. However, THEY of all people can not inspire migrants to adopt Australian nationality. The Anglo-Saxonists condemn some migrants for asserting dual nationality; they then proceed to adopt a second nationality for themselves. This point is not lost on migrants (and their offspring). The activities of the Anglo-Saxonists hamper assimilation.

If, as one Anglo-Saxonist journal put it, our British Heritage is "Christian" and biologically conditioned, then are they talking of the exclusion of Continental Europeans from Australia? Nationalists do not accept that proposition. They advocate the assimilation of Old and New Australians, coupled with an intensive programme of mass acquaintance with our native Australian heritage and present European cultural tasks in this part of the world. Not only is this policy correct, but it is also tactically necessary.

In terms of tactics the Anglo-Saxonists commit a grievous error. By denying European migrants a place in their future Australia, they give to our enemies a weapon to harass the White Australia movement. The media can paint us as insular idiots. Also, the enemies of our movement can, thanks to the Anglo-Saxonists, alienate the European communities from a genuine nationalist party.

That the European groups are potential reserves in the fight raged by Australians of Anglo-Saxon-Celtic origin is proven from history and recent facts. For example, Italian canecutters in Queensland in the early 1900s were in the vanguard of the struggle to exclude non-European labour from the fields. They managed to win the support of the Australian Workers' Union and other unions. This trend has an echo in the present. One survey revealed that the anti mass immigration attitudes of Australians from Continental Europe are sometimes much sharper than amongst Australians from Britain. The respondents who thought that the level of immigration was too high were: 49% of Australians, 36% of the British-born, and 48% of those from elsewhere in Europe (note: regarding whether the level of Asian immigration was too high, the results were pretty much close to each other - 60% Australian, 62% British, and 54% other Europe)(*1). Such facts need to be urgently considered.

Australian Nationalism Vs. Anglo-Saxonism

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