Articles of interest to Nationalists

A collection of articles of interest to Australian Nationalists, covering various topics
Most articles listed on this page are from external Nationalist/Patriotic sites


Dictatorship of the Foreign-Controlled Media by Jonathan Graham

Multiculturalist Lies
Answers to some of the lies that are parroted continuously as Multicultural slogans, such as "Australia is a multicultural country", "There is no Australian culture", "Australia is a nation of migrants", "Australia is part of Asia", etc.

The Silent Destruction of Australia: Is Pauline Hanson A Racist? by John Burge

Sydney Morning Herald announces that Asianisation of Australia is on!!

Articles from the National Republicans:

Australians Have the Right to Own Firearms

The Failure Of Internationalism: extracts from the book The Remorseless Working Of Things by J.W. Smith, 1992

The Grand Plan: Asianisation of Australia: Race, Place, and Power by Dennis McCormack, 1995

Integral Nationalism: The Reborn Spirit of the Australian People by Brian Knight, 1995

Introduction to the People's Bank and Modern Banking Reform by A.R. Jones, 1992

Articles from the Australian Nationalist Ideological, Historical, and Legal Archive:

Anti-Racial Vilification Legislation: An Authoritarian Response to Criticism of Immigration/Multicultural Policy by James Saleam, October 1995

Conservative Revolution, National Revolution And National Bolshevism Revisited: The Social Revolutionary Nature Of Australian Nationalism by Jim Saleam, August 2000

Enemies Of The State: The State Conspiracy Against National Action And The Australian Nationalists Movement 1988 - 1991 by Dr. Jim Saleam, April 2003

The Failure Of Internationalism (Extracts From The Remorseless Working Of Things) by Dr. Joseph W. Smith, 1992

Foreign Policy Issues And The Struggle For Australian Independence (several articles)

Inside The Kangaroo Reich: Selected Materials On Australian Neo-Nazis And Other Dirty Tricks Operations Against Freedom Of Expression In Australia by Jim Saleam And Others (several articles)

Integral Nationalism: The Reborn Spirit of the Australian People by Brian Knight, 1995

Lessons For Nationalists: The Communist Party Of Australia (Marxist-Leninist) and Political/Industrial Violence: Rationale And Results by Jim Saleam, September 2000

On National Democracy by James Saleam, 1990

The Other Radicalism: An Inquiry Into Contemporary Australian Extreme Right Ideology, Politics And Organization 1975-1995 by Dr. Jim Saleam, 2001

The Right-Wing Underground In Sydney 1973 - 1977 (With Emphasis On The Special Branch Files) by Dr. Jim Saleam, 2003

The Social Revolutionary Nature Of Australian Nationalism by Alec Saunders, November 2001 (updated March 2004)

What Is To Be Done? Tasks For Australian Nationalists In The Coming Struggle by Jim Saleam (2003 version)

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