Bless Australia

[author unknown]

circa late 1970s?

In Vietnam things not O.K.
Think to self - "Must get away"
So jump on boat and come to Aussie,
"Ah so", I say, "What lovely possie".

Go quick smart to welfare fella
He hand me money - I give to bank teller,
Welfare say "Come here no more,
We send you cheque right to your door".

Six months on dole - no longer poor,
Drive around in Commodore
Write to friends in Vietnam,
Tell them, "Come here, quick as can".

Still on welfare (but work at job),
So get loan from finance mob,
Get pretty smart - know what to do,
Buy big house in Waterloo.

Friends write and tell me "On the way",
Can I find them place to stay?
When they arrive - with beds I fix,
In just four rooms - get twenty six.

Soon am banking plenty rent,
(Five in backyard - live in tent),
All are drawing social money -
Must think Aussie "bloody bunny".

With all friends now living here,
Next door neighbour start to swear,
Tell me he must move away -
I buy his house - with cash I pay.

Now everything is going good,
Soon I own all neighbourhood,
Open fish shop next to Coles,
Make big profit from spring rolls.

Get real fat from eating nice,
Sure as hell beats bloody rice,
Still on welfare - still get rents,
Think I buy Mercedes Benz.

Very happy - real good life,
Bring out girl and make her wife,
Take up hobby, call it breeding,
Baby bonus pay for feeding.

Kids need dentist - wife needs pills,
We get for free - we got no bills.
White man good; he pay all year,
To keep the welfare running here

We thank Australia - damn good place,
Too damn good for Aussie race,
So if you no like Yellow man -

An interesting part of Australia's "underground" social history, this poem was a comment on the then influx of refugees from Vietnam. Various versions of this poem were "doing the rounds" in Australia, passed hand-to-hand, in the 1980s (and possibly dating back to the late 1970s). The line "Must think Aussie bloody bunny" had - in earlier versions - the words "Fraser" or "Hawke" instead of "Aussie" (Malcolm Fraser was Prime Minister from 11 November 1975 to 11 March 1983, Bob Hawke was Prime Minister from 11 March 1983 to 20 December 1991). The reference to Malcolm Fraser would date the origin of the poem to the late 1970s or early 1980s. A possible origin in Sydney is indicated by the reference to the Sydney suburb of Waterloo.

Nonetheless, it appears that this is merely the Australian version of a similar poem from England (reproduced below) - a locally produced copy of this is dated 16th June 1977; however, it is unclear as to whether that is the dating of the local copy or of the original English version. As the poem refers to Jim Callaghan (Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1976 to 1979), 1977 would be acceptable as a likely date for the poem's origin in England.

A Canadian version has also been circulated on the internet (a copy has been posted to the site, dated 28 Mar 2002), although this version has only minor changes, and is quite obviously an imitation of the English version.

God Bless England
And the White Taxpayer

[author unknown]

circa 1977?

I come for a visit - am treated regal,
So I stay... who care, ILLEGAL.
I come to London, poor and broke,
Go on bus, see employment bloke.

Kind man treat me very well there,
Send me down to see Welfare.
Welfare say, "Come down no more;
We send cash right to your door.
Jim Callaghan make you wealthy,
Medical Plan will make you healthy."

Six months on dole - get plenty money,
Thanks to working man - White man dummy.
Write to friends in Pakistan,
Tell them come as fast as can.

They all come - in rags and turban.
I buy big house in suburban.
They come with me, we live together.
Only one bad thing - English weather.

Fourteen families living in,
Neighbors' patience fearing thin.
Finally whites move away,
I buy their house - I stay.
Find more Pakkies... house I rent,
More in garden... live in tent.

Send for family - they all trash.
They all draw Welfare cash,
Everything is going good,
Soon we own the neighborhood.

Now on quiet summer nights
Go to pub, drink many pints.
We have hobby... it called 'breeding':
'Baby Bonus' keep us feeding.

Two years later, big bank roll,
Still no job, still draw dole.
Kids need dentist - wife need pills.
We get free, we get no bills.

White man good, he pay all year
To keep the Welfare running here.
Bless all White men, big and small,
For paying out to keep us all.

We think England damn good place,
Too damn good for White man race.
If they no like colored man,

Fire of the Southern Cross: A Collection of Poetry for Australian Nationalists

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