James James, Dr. James Saleam

Douglas Robertson


James James, Dr. James Saleam
was a radical nationalist man
He was determined to save Australia,
and developed a marvellous plan

James James wrote many papers
and published them all on the net
He hosted the Sydney Forum
and spoke to all that he met

James James was a great patriot,
though his enemies thought him the worst
He called together the Nationalists,
saying "We must put Australia first!"

James James, Dr. James Saleam,
commonly known as Jim,
searched everywhere for some good folk
and asked them to listen to him

James James said to the Nationalists
"We're fighting for our country and kin.
Now be prepared, and strengthen your will,
for when we go fight, we must win!"

[Based upon "Disobedience" ("James James Morrison Morrison") by A.A. Milne]

21st July 2004

Fire of the Southern Cross: A Collection of Poetry for Australian Nationalists

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