The Kokoda Legacy

Douglas Robertson


The advancing Jap
had spread over the map,
and into New Guinea he came

Over the islands
and into the highlands,
putting his foes to shame

So the Australian men
were called out again,
to Port Moresby quickly they went

Eager to fight
to put all things right,
to do that for which they were sent

Suffering from tropical disease,
while fighting Japs in the trees;
they made their home in the mud

So, on foreign ground
they laid their lives down,
and christened Kokoda with blood

"But what was it for?"
they ask us once more,
when they look at our current state

When for what they fought
the Japs have now bought:
sold to the enemy, at a cheap rate

It makes them see red
that because all are well fed,
we just sip on our saki and soda

It will take some real men
to rise up again:
to be "The Sons of Kokoda"

25th February 1995

Fire of the Southern Cross: A Collection of Poetry for Australian Nationalists

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