The Rising of the White

Douglas Robertson


You'd see the young men gather
there was anger in their eyes
They'd grown sick of the old ways
that told them nought but lies

"The country's being flooded,
all immigration we must halt"
Said another, "It's those traitors,
the Government, that's at fault"

"Too true, mates" one man cried
"I think you're both dead right...
Parliament and the Parties,
it's their System we must fight"

You'd hear this talk all over
among many throughout the land
In factories, streets, and pubs
they talked of where'd they'd stand

But all that talk did nothing
to break the traitors' hold
To smash the rotten System
we'd need hard men, brave and bold

To band together patriots
and open the people's eyes
We needed some clear direction,
a new Movement must arise

It happened very slowly,
its building took some years
No easy way was offered
just pain, blood, sweat and tears

The Movement, it grew stronger
as thousands to it flocked
Traitors became surprised and scared
and their policies were mocked

Its danger, suddenly realised,
the System, it fought back
Through twisted "law and justice"
and stabbings in the back

They thought they'd won;
with treachery unencumbered
Through massive immigration
they had us all outnumbered

But their numbers, they meant little
though they thought they had us cold
Such efforts came to nothing,
for them, the bell had tolled

The struggle was a long affair
a hard and drawn out battle
But patriots were well organised,
not just a herd of cattle

The Movement took our all
it drew fathers and their sons
To slay our deadly foe
needed courage, guts and guns

The Cause was always worth it
for we knew that we were right
It was worth our every sacrifice
to save Australia for the White

1st August 1994

Fire of the Southern Cross: A Collection of Poetry for Australian Nationalists

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