To Fight

Douglas Robertson


They say that to feel is human
they tell me that love is blind
And when I reach deep inside
I feel a love for my own kind

I rejoice to see the happy faces
of White children in the street
And to share an understanding
with the White folk that I meet

I do not feel the same toward
Chinese, Jap, or Black
My history, culture, and racial bonds
are important things they lack

That races should join together
is a lie that liberals tell
That they force this lie upon me
is why I fight like merry hell

I do not want any part
of the dangerous web they spin
I will fight a thousand ways
I'll never let them win

A vision appears before me
of a great and prosperous land
To fulfil that dream, I'll join the ranks
of the courageous patriot band

If you feel the same as I,
pick up your sword and gun
With patriots, thousands strong,
we'll have them on the run

To smash the vicious tyrants,
be prepared to fight and die
By dedication such as ours
White victory is nigh

3rd April 1994

Fire of the Southern Cross: A Collection of Poetry for Australian Nationalists

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