Wake Up Australia

Douglas Robertson


It seems like many years ago
Before many of us were born
Patriotism ruled the land
Love of country was the norm

Colonies grew to nation
And culture came on strong
Nationalists put Australia first
Any other cause was wrong

"A working man's paradise",
Our forebears called their home
To save it for our future
White Australia was set in stone

Then bleeding hearts and liberals
From under rocks they sprung
And, by controlling education,
Poisoned the minds of our young

Into politics, law and media
They slowly, slyly crept
They took our country from us
While unaware, we soundly slept

Wake up! Wake up Australia!
Fight strong and turn the tide
The Nationalist cause is just
The people are on our side

Prepare for action, prepare for war
We need heroes in our ranks
To patriots, prepared to fight,
Our country will give thanks

Destiny is with us
Our fate will not be failure
A proud nation salutes you,
The saviours of Australia

10th January 1994

Fire of the Southern Cross: A Collection of Poetry for Australian Nationalists

Australian Nationalism Information Database - www.ausnatinfo.angelfire.com/~natinfo