Wardens of the Fire

Douglas Robertson


One night, upon my travels,
I saw some men atop a hill.
As I made my quiet approach
they were a-talking still.

I heard plans of revolution;
how the country had been betrayed;
of devious politicians,
and the treacherous games they played.

They said their revolution,
was like a fire, been left to smoulder;
it needed someone to fan the flames
and stop it getting colder.

They called themselves the Fire Wardens,
and wanted to save the nation;
to be the bearers of the flame,
to ignite a whole new generation.

I listened to their talk,
of brave action and dashing deed.
And, as I left; in my head,
rang the Fire Wardens' Creed:

"We're equal comrades all,
among us there is no boss.
We are the stokers of the fire:
The Fire of the Southern Cross."

6th July 1995

Fire of the Southern Cross: A Collection of Poetry for Australian Nationalists

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