For Freedom

Howarde Tilse


Hark! the call to arms is sounding!
Hark! the tramp of marching feet!
What then is the use of staying
Though the breath of life be sweet?
Dare we fail to guard our country
'Gainst the foeman and his hate?
Haste then, for his hordes are nearing -
Hurry e'er it is too late!

See the flag of freedom waving -
Would you keep it waving so?
There's a cause, for justice crying -
Come then... linger not, but go!
Let us fight like sons of free men,
For the brave but once can die;
If the enemy should triumph,
Slavery waits for you and I!

Hark! the drums of war are beating.
See! the ranks are filling fast!
Join now, with the band of heroes -
Till our land is safe at last.
Do you fear to leave your loved ones?
Think then, what their fate would be,
Should the hosts of evil conquer,
And we lose our liberty!

Written whilst on active service by Sgt. Howarde Tilse, who served in the Royal Australian Air Force (incl. Papua for the greater part of 1942)

Fire of the Southern Cross: A Collection of Poetry for Australian Nationalists

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