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Ned Kelly

The Fight
Australian Culture

Andrew Patterson


Part One: The Fight for Australian Culture
Part Two: The Development of the Australian National Identity and Culture
Part Three: A Brief Overview of the Australian National Identity and Culture
Part Four: Notes on Australia's Culture
Part Five: People, Nation, and State
Part Six: Patriots, Nationalists, and Nativists
Part Seven: The National State


It is recommended that the summary of the main document is read so as to gain a general overview before reading the larger document.

Note: Reference numbers with an asterix refer to those references which include a comment.
Note from the author: Part One of this publication is a rewrite of an article (subjected to editing and alteration) previously published in Audacity number 10 (1981). The author of the original article, (Dr.) Jim Saleam, has disclaimed any copyright in relation to the original article. Part Seven of this publication has been produced using source documentation previously published elsewhere (subject to editing and alteration).

Andrew Patterson

11 November 1997

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