The Asianisation of Australia: volume 1, section 1

Asianisation: A policy of many facets

The Asianisation of Australia is not just a single unconnected issue of immigration. There are historical, political, and economic aspects to this undeclared policy of the major political parties. While this document will, of course, discuss the demographic implications of Asianisation, other facets of the process will also be touched upon.

It appears that our nation's future is set to be determined by the high levels of Asian immigration that we are to have imposed upon us over the next few generations; that Australia will end up with an "Asian Future", which will destroy the previously homogeneous character of an essentially European Australia. Ironically, this "Asian Future" will also end up destroying the possibility of the "truly Multicultural Future" that has been envisioned by some multiculturalists.

The mass immigration programmes, set in place after the end of World War Two, led to the onset of multiculturalism; and the continuation of both mass immigration and multiculturalism has led to the onset of the Asianisation of Australia.

Asianisation is, in effect, the colonisation of Australia by Asia. It is being carried out by grovelling politicians who seek to "integrate" our nation into Asia; to "do a deal" whereby they supposedly achieve some economic and political benefits in return for our subjugation in political, cultural, and demographic terms. Also, in many ways, Asianisation fits in with the liberal-internationalist ideology held by most multiculturalists, including the majority of Australian politicians and Establishment figures, as well as alleviating the "white guilt complex" apparently held by so many of these cosmopolitans.

The Establishment's Asianisation policies have led to much frustration and anger being felt within the community, by those Australians who feel that they are being dispossessed and have been cheated by successive governments. As one letter-writer put it:

It is essential that Australians recognise the reality of the current situation: that Asianisation means not only the dismissal of Australia's independence, but also the destruction of our national identity and culture.

The Asianisation of Australia:
An Exposť of the "Asian Future" Being Forced Upon Australia (Volume 1)

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