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The Australian Nationalism Information Database was established in March 1998 as an educational resource to promote Australia's national identity and culture, and to offer criticism of the Big Business programmes for mass immigration, multiculturalism, and Asianisation as major threats to our way of life, and our people. The site served well for 11 years and armed a new generation of Nationalists.

In 2009, this site was taken down by its editor under particular circumstances.  However, some contributors to the original texts on the site have banded together and restored it. This site is regarded as too valuable a resource to be abandoned. They have carried out minor editing.

A wide range of on-line publications and articles are provided on the issues outlined, as well as on other issues of interest to real Australians. Also, links are provided to Nationalist organisations within Australia.

As the struggle for Australian Identity, Independence and Freedom develops, the Australian Nationalist Information Database will be there as a necessary resource.

Population Issues

Mass Immigration
The Menace of Multiculturalism
The Asianisation of Australia
... and more
Culture and Nationalism

The Fight for Australian Culture
The National Heroes of Australia
The Americanisation of Australian Culture
... and more
Government and State Power

The Nature of State Power
The Coming Struggle
... and more

Republic Versus Monarchy
Union Jacks and Southern Skies
Colony and Empire
... and more

Australia's Experiment in Communism
The Insidious Box
Taking Back the Moral High Ground
... and more

Handbook for Australian Nationalists
Poetry for Australian Nationalists
The poetry of Henry Lawson
Articles of interest to Nationalists (links)
Links (general)
Links to Australian nationalists

Nationalist Publications
Essential reading for Australian Nationalists, covering issues such as:
Immigration, Multiculturalism, and the Asianisation of Australia
Australian Culture, and the National Heroes of Australia
The British mind-set, republicanism, the flag, and Americanisation
Democracy, the Nature of State Power, and Tasks for Australian Nationalists
"The Politically Incorrect Ethnic Joke Book", poetry, as well as many more articles and essays

The National Heroes of Australia
A series of publications regarding the political and cultural heritage of Australian nationalism,
covering various people and events that are important to Australia's national identity and culture

Fire of the Southern Cross:
A Collection of Poetry for Australian Nationalists

Poems of a nationalist nature from Henry Lawson, "Banjo" Paterson, and many more

The Poetry of Henry Lawson
A project to publish all of Henry Lawson's poems on the internet

Nationalist Articles
Links to important nationalist articles on the internet

Links to Political Internet Sites
Links to political internet sites of a wide variety of political views, in Australia and overseas.


Australian Nationalism is the modern political force in the service of the Australian Nation - its People and its Culture - confronting the grave dangers that loom before it.

This site has been established to provide Australians with information about Australian Nationalism and the Australian national identity and culture; as well as to especially inform both Nationalists and the general public about the problems that face our Nation.

However, being in possession of such information without acting upon it is truly useless, and therefore contact points via internet sites are given here for several Nationalist organisations within Australia.

The final chapter for Australia is now approaching, and it is time that real Australians stood up, and took the nation back.

If you're against the denigration of our Australian heritage and identity, as promoted by a Traitor Class of Internationalists - Multiculturalists - Asianisers - mass immigrationists, epitomised in the current media, education system, and major political parties - YOU CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Join with the new forces of Australianism, in reconstructing the Australian Nation for the 21st century, a society built on our OWN heritage and culture, not the Asiatic graveyard promoted by the cosmopolitan-internationalists of the current media, education system, and major political parties - who constitute the leading elements of our nation's Traitor Class.                                                         
    To contact an Australian nationalist party, click here

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Freedom of Speech

A Few Words About Freedom of Speech

Racial Vilification Laws

Regarding Hate Propaganda

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Australian Nationalism Information Database

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