The Asianisation of Australia: volume 1, section 14

Resistance to Asianisation

Very few people within the Australian Establishment have tried to speak out against our enforced enmeshment with Asia, however, some have expressed concerns over the idea, such as:

A 1989 editorial of The Sunday Herald, entitled "Asia: Our New Cultural Cringe", attacked the "recently discovered article of faith... that 'Australia is part of Asia' and our only hope of salvation lies in our enlisting as a small contingent in the mighty Asian army": A 1992 column written by James Dunn (a former Australian ambassador) in The Bulletin gave the opinion that Also in 1992, Hugh Morgan argued that In 1994, Brian Toohey wrote of "the determination of Asian leaders such as Goh [Singapore's Prime Minister, Goh Chok Tong] to maintain a distinctive local cultural identity in ways which raise difficult issues for Australia's attempts to "enmesh" with Asia. Toohey further wrote: In 1993 Graeme Campbell, Member of Parliament for Kalgoorlie, made some important points: Graeme Campbell (the Member of Parliament for Kalgoorlie since 1980) was ousted by the Labor Party for his outspoken views, and in a similar fashion the Liberal Party withdrew their endorsement for Pauline Hanson as their candidate for Oxley because of her outspoken views. Nonetheless, in the March 1996 federal elections, Graeme Campbell was re-elected, and Pauline Hanson won the seat of Oxley; both as independents.

Pauline Hanson, in her maiden speech to parliament on 10 September 1996, said: The courage of Pauline Hanson and Graeme Campbell is to be applauded by all true-blue Australians. However; it should be noted that, all in all, very few prominent people have questioned the direction Australia is taking, in regard to Asia. Even fewer, more outspoken, people have opposed some aspects of our Asianisation. But so far, it appears that it is only the fledgling patriotic and nationalist organisations who will actually oppose the whole spectrum of our nation's Asianisation, and who advocate the steps to be taken to reverse this evil, undemocratic, anti-Australian process. It is to be hoped that more Australians will join those organisations, and/or that other groups will follow their lead. By reports received, it is apparent that such organisations are making gains, both in membership and organisational abilities.

It is time that all Australians make a stand against the Asianisation of our nation.

The Asianisation of Australia:
An Exposť of the "Asian Future" Being Forced Upon Australia (Volume 1)

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