The Asianisation of Australia: volume 2, part 1, section 4


Geographically, Cyprus is considered to be a part of West Asia (this Mediterranean island is much closer to the mainland of Asia than to that of Europe). However, due to cultural, demographic, and historical reasons, it is often considered as a part of Europe.

Cyprus was listed as part of Asia for many years by the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the Department of Immigration, but in recent years it has been listed by both bodies as part of Southern Europe(16*).

Charles Price has included Cyprus within Southern Europe as an ongoing practice with his work on Australian immigration and demography; especially relevant with the estimation, regarding Cypriot immigration to Australia, that "some 75 per cent... are of Greek origin".

In recognition of these factors, and in order to enable direct comparison with contemporary statistics, Cyprus has been treated as part of Southern Europe within this document in all statistical tables relating to births, deaths, and immigration.

Charles Price has stated:

The Asianisation of Australia:
Statistics (Immigration, Ethnicity, and Trade) (Volume 2)

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