The Fight for Australian Culture - part seven

The National State

Several factors go into the making of a Nation. First, what one could call "material" elements such as geography, race, and certain cultural and linguistic similarities. Secondly, giving form to this "matter", a particular role or destiny, making it enter onto the stage of world history.

The Nation, thus differentiated from all others, has an indissoluble unity based on its being unlike all others.

The spiritual and organic creation of the Nation gives it a being distinct from that of its members, one that is thus eternal and cannot be abandoned by succeeding generations. Giving life to a Nation is an idea.

As every Nation has its own destiny or role to play, so too does our Nation. Australia has a unique mission, that of being a European Nation in this Southern Land. Not only is this historical fact, but is also the ideal of all Australian nationalists: past, present, and future. The great Henry Lawson made this clear.

Nevertheless, the affirmation of our country as a vanguard of European civilisation remains an ideal.

In its eagerness to fulfil its own destiny, our nationalism has been uncompromising in its rejection of false institutions and interference from overseas (particularly England and the USA).

The true Nation is sovereign and independent, being the highest political unit. It tolerates no international interference.

Every Nation comprises a State (a country's political structure and government), or else its People fights to have one. As the political expression of the Nation, and the instrument of its historical destiny, the State gives form to it.

It is only through a State that a Nation can fulfil its role, play its part. Without a State, a People is incomplete and in conflict. A People that does not aspire to statehood does not really wish to be a Nation.

As its most important aim, the State must work for the common good of the people.

Therefore, it cannot be a mere spectator of the economy, but must try to direct it when necessary, and make it serve the Nation, not the other way around. Modern Nationalists maintain that this means that the State must aim for economic self-sufficiency, and decentralisation; for family enterprises to have a bigger role in the national economy, as well as checking the influence and growth of multinational corporations and monopoly capitalists.

The State must encourage national culture, protecting it from multiculturalism, Asianisation, and degenerate international influence (American crassness and materialism in particular).

The State governs the country, but in a period of reorganisation it should strengthen the natural institutions that are links between itself and the individual: families, municipalities, workers' associations, and professional organisations.

There is no conflict between the individual and the National State as the role of each is clearly defined, and each is given the power to fulfil it.

The National State faces up to its sacred duty to maintain the country's independence. Its foreign policy is decided by national interests, and it does not embark on foolish irrelevant adventures or alliances. It ensures proper national defence and makes any necessary sacrifice to that end.

The sovereignty of the National State derives from the Nation rather than the People. That is to say, it derives its legitimacy from faithful service in the Nation's historical destiny, and - in general - from obtaining the common good.

In this way, both absolutism of the State and absolutism of the masses is avoided. When courses are decided by an idea rather than by wills, a certain stability results. Only one political absolute is recognised - the national mission.

This is the concept of Nation and State that distinguishes true Nations from Peoples without control over their own destiny, allowing others to determine their fate.

Not only does the present "System" and State not serve the Nation (and is therefore not a true National State), but is actually working against the Nation.

The current State seeks to criminalise citizens and has used violence against Nationalists who seek cultural, economic, and political independence. However; the State prefers, and is adept at, coaxing Australians into apathy.

This current State has a "mission": Exploitation of the Nation in the interests of internationalism, submission to those interests, and the imposition of cosmopolitan-internationalism. In short, it is an Anti-State.

The present political State is foreign in origin, a development from British colonial structures. Every political "advance" was made as a concession to the forces of Australian Nationalism, as a tactic of appeasement.

Federation merely gave an illusion of independence - Australia was still, in effect, a subservient colony of Britain.

The most striking example of this was our involvement in wars of no relevance to us: the Boer War, World War One, and the European theatre of World War Two.

After 1941 our political State changed "masters", swapping Britain for the USA - becoming an agent of that power's policies in the region. It would seem that the Australian Establishment is happy to be the lap-dog of whichever major power offers us "protection" and/or economic security.

Since the 1980s, it appears that the State is changing "masters" yet again: These days we are told to sacrifice our national interests for the sake of Asia (including for the sake of Japan, our wartime enemy).

Our defence force, far from being able to deal with even a regional threat, is largely a pawn in the very self-interested American military network.

One of the reasons for the crisis in our country is the erroneous concept being deliberately propagated by certain interest groups, as to the role of the State. Such people preach a State which merely watches over the "market forces" (such as banks, multinational corporations, and foreign investors), thus maintaining the orderly exploitation of our resources by international interests.

It is in this current Establishment's interests to see the Nation divided. It has developed the parliamentary fraud, with its party games. Behind this circus, politicians have long since sold body and soul to the enemies of Australia. It makes a joke of so-called parliamentary "representation", and the Australian people are becoming more and more aware that voting for one party or the other changes nothing.

The System is vague about where power lies, using the liberal formula for division of powers. This division sets up a permanent conflict in the State, backed by money. It is essential that Parliament must fulfil its true function of being the faithful mirror of genuine social interests, not party politics.

Modern Australian Nationalists believe that the Australian National State should have a President empowered to act. Through a clear definition of the functions and powers of the government, responsibility can be determined and abuses lessened. We do not see Australia divided up into half a dozen pseudo-sovereign entities (i.e. the states); that is a "divide and rule" system that a people inspired with a national idea will discard.

The ignorance of our historical national destiny is causing the disintegration of Australia into a population simply inhabiting a geographical area.

Apart from the unassimilable Third World population of about two million now in Australia, especially those dumped here in the last twenty years, Australians are more and more confused as to their national identity.

Some invent for themselves a "British" identity, others revert to some other culture. So we have Anglo-Australians, Italian-Australians, Greek-Australians, Australians of no description, etc. But no true-blue Australians?

The Australian cultural identity, that blending of the British-European pioneers of this land, which was suffocated after Federation, can return in force - but only through the participation of all sectors of society in the national destiny.

Australia is in a peculiar position in that it has never had a true National State. Because of this, and the great lack of will on the part of the people, Australia has not yet reached true nationhood.

The English monarchy, promoted by a few as being somehow "Australian", has been one of the most psychologically damaging causes in deterring our true identity as a new European people. The newer threats to our national identity, multiculturalism and Asianisation, need to be fully opposed by the Australian People, as these ideologies pose a potentially-fatal threat to our national identity and culture, and even to the very survival of the Australian People itself.

National Revolution (we are talking here of a cultural and social revolution), is the great historical event that will truly forge a national identity and soul. As the ranks of Nationalists grow, this huge task must be undertaken. Such revolutionary times are when the people come to a full consciousness of their identity. In other times, it seems that only a minority fully possess the national spirit.

Obviously, the demise of the existing political order will be necessary, and with the advent of the Australian State will come regeneration of the building blocks of society: family, workplace, and municipality, so despised by the present System.

Australian Nativists are keeping alive the ideals of last century's struggles: Eureka, Lambing Flat, the Queensland Shearers' Strike, etc. The blood then spilt consecrated and fixed for evermore the national destiny of Australia.

It is up to all Australians to participate in the Coming Struggle for National Survival and Independence.

Act now to save Australia!

The Fight for Australian Culture

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