The Eureka flag

Echoes of Eureka

Poems of the Australian Republic,
The Eureka Rebellion of 1854,
and Eureka's Flag of Stars


A Song of the Republic
Henry Lawson, 1887

When the Bush Begins to Speak
Henry Lawson, 1892

The Fight at Eureka Stockade
Henry Lawson, 1890

Eureka (A Fragment)
Henry Lawson, 1889

Republican Pioneers
Henry Lawson, 1894

"Flag of the Southern Cross"
Henry Lawson, 1887

Australia's Forgotten Flag
Henry Lawson, 1911

The Land of Living Lies
[An Extract]
Henry Lawson, 1894

The Australian Flag
Francis Adams, 1909

Fling Out the Flag
Francis Adams, 1910

The Oath of Eureka
Bartlett Adamson, 1939

T.C. Carey, 1904

Victor Daley, 1901

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