Taking Back
Moral High Ground

(a summary)

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The predominance of Multiculturalists in the "industries" of media and education has led to a situation where the modern public forums, such as television and newspapers, constantly promote Multiculturalism and so-called liberal-cosmopolitanism, subtly and not so subtly.

Free speech abused, and under attack

The media and education systems portray themselves as presenting the truth and encouraging free debate, but nothing can be further from the truth.

Multiculturalists like to portray their ideology of Multiculturalism as fair and nice, but - in reality - it is an ideology of authoritarianism, lies, and hate.

Campaigns to create guilt

Several themes, or campaigns, are often repeated in the media as a way of creating "guilt" in the wider community, regarding minorities, thus reinforcing support for the Multiculturalist social agenda of building up disparate ethnic identities and tearing down the mainstream national identity.

Favoured themes range from the local Aboriginal "stolen generations" issue, and the ensuing "National Sorry Day" campaign, to the international issue of historical Black Slavery.

Media attention may focus on an alleged incident of 100 years ago, with such a theme as "Whites massacred Aborigines". The supposed perpetrators will be identified as "Whites", rather than as "farmers" or "locals". "Whites massacred Aborigines" is much more likely to create national guilt than "Locals massacred Aborigines".

Balanced reporting hardly exists in the Multiculturalist version of history. Little or nothing is mentioned about Aboriginal attacks upon Whites, or their massacring of Chinese prospectors. Stories of Aboriginal cannibalism and baby-killing are virtually ignored. Instead, the media concentrates on "White" misdeeds against Aborigines.

When interest in one campaign dries up, there will always be another campaign ready to roll, or a different slant brought out regarding an old campaign. That such campaigns seek to create a "White Guilt Complex" is beyond doubt - they are nothing but anti-White racism.

Multiculturalist racism

Under Multiculturalism, racism against Whites is virtually encouraged. Different standards are imposed upon people and nations of different races. Any White country that has immigration restrictions is denounced as "racist", while Third World countries that have similar or stricter immigration restrictions are ignored.

Black and Asian pride is encouraged, whilst White pride is denounced as racist; Black-specific and Asian-specific special interest groups are encouraged, whilst any White-specific special interest groups are denounced as racist or are "legally" broken up. Non-White groups can be created and carry out campaigns, often with strong media support. Apparently, many things are not racist unless you're White.

Whilst "Whites" are accused of genocide of the Aboriginal race, due to attempts to assimilate Aborigines into the White population, the Multiculturalists somehow forget to refer to their long-term aim to eliminate the White race, and all other races, via assimilation, as genocide.

Multiculturalists are the real racists in our society.

Multiculturalist propaganda

As the mass media is strongly dominated by Multiculturalists, the bias shown against Nationalists is immense. Unlike the ideal of a media that produces objective and fair articles on all and every subject, when it comes to immigration, race, and political nationalism, the media consistently write up heavily biased and misleading "news" items, containing slander, smears, half-truths, and even outright lies.

The media invariably portray Multiculturalism as a nice, all-embracing theory, which no reasonable person would reject; whilst portraying Nationalism as a dangerous, nasty, racist creed, which no reasonable person would embrace. Given the media stereotypes, it strikes many as incredible when they realise that the media's portrayal of both Multiculturalism and Nationalism is based upon bias and lies.

After years of Multiculturalism in Australia, many Nationalists have come to realise that it is the Multiculturalists who are against democracy and freedom of speech; who try to stifle debate, refuse dialog with opponents, and who have closed minds. It is the Multiculturalists who are often so full of bigotry, prejudice, and hate that they make any "pub bigot" pale in comparison.

Multiculturalists and the outlawing of dissent

The purpose of Multiculturalists legislating against free speech, using so-called "Racial Vilification" laws is to crush the opposition of Australians to the Asianisation of their country. A major aim of racial vilification legislation is to complement the social intimidation which already greets anyone, particularly in public office, who dares to criticise matters connected to immigration and Multiculturalism. These political laws are not, as various politicians have suggested, to stop illegal behaviour against minorities - as such behaviour is already covered by existing legislation, such as laws relating to offensive behaviour, assault and battery, defacing property, incitement to riot, etc.

The Establishment proclaims "democracy" and "freedom of speech" when such posturing serves its purpose, and for ordinary matters these ideals are basically observed, but when its liberal-internationalist creed is threatened - then its "true colours" are revealed.

While the System claims it is democratic, it actually has a hidden tyrannical, or quasi-fascist, nature. This is why it deliberately continues mass Asian immigration, even when it is widely known that most Australians oppose it; and this is why they try to silence, or crush, the activities of Australian patriots and nationalists, because they fear the potential of these groups.

Multiculturalism cannot stand up to close scrutiny and criticism, and that is why it is a creed that can only exist by creating a climate of fear and intimidation amongst ordinary citizens. Multiculturalism is an authoritarian ideology, full of evil, hatred, and loathing, whilst posing as a creature of beauty, light, and love - it is truly a slavering wolf in sheep's clothing.

The creed of Multiculturalism is so self-righteous, and so authoritarian, that almost any form of repression and thought-control is justified in the name of 'rooting out prejudice'.

The anti-democratic nature of the Multiculturalists is shown by their moves against free speech, and their wish to jail opponents of their ideology by using Nazi-style laws thinly disguised as "racial vilification legislation", as well as by various other underhanded sly moves towards silencing political and social dissent.

Multiculturalists against democracy

Multiculturalists in government have deliberately betrayed of democracy. Over the years, there have been many calls for a referendum on the subject of immigration, but all of the major political parties have refused or ignored these calls.

The majority of Australians did not ask for an end to Australia's traditional immigration policies, nor did they ask for a massive influx of Asians into Australia, or for the Asianisation of our nation. When one opinion poll asked whether "Australia should hold a national referendum on immigration policy"; 70% replied that they thought we should. Naturally, the Government and Opposition politicians ignored the poll, ignoring the wishes of the Australian public.

Far from being defenders of democracy, many "anti-racism" campaigners deliberately attack free speech and majority-rule. "Anti-racism" makes a good cloak for elitism. The argument that the people must not be given power because their views are wrong is an anti-democratic and authoritarian view, typical of the Multiculturalists.

Hidden threats to democracy

At least since the 1980s, political police agencies in Australia have carried out both "legal" and illegal actions against Nationalist organisations. Just as the political police were used in "legal" and illegal roles against Communists in the 1950s and 1960s, nowadays the Multiculturalist Establishment uses the political police to act against Nationalists, as it considers "racism" to be the enemy of the state.

Under Multiculturalism, democracy is far from safe.

Treachery against the wishes of the majority

The Multiculturalist politicians of the major parties, carrying out anti-democratic treachery against the Australian people, entered into an unwritten pact not to debate the issue of immigration.

Professor McAllister, has confirmed that the politicians of the Liberal-National coalition and the Labor Party maintained a "conspiracy of silence".

The media has willingly participated in this "conspiracy of silence"; it has censored arguments for a return to a predominantly European immigration policy and has either ignored or berated people who have opposed the current high level of Asian immigration. People who call for a reduction in Asian immigration are subjected to character assassination and are wilfully described as inciting racial hatred while the racist immigration policies of Asian countries such as Japan, China, Malaysia and Indonesia are accepted as normal.

The Multiculturalist indoctrination of school students

The "brainwashing" of students into the ideology of Multiculturalism is an ongoing process in our nation's education system. The process of the Multiculturalists' "shaping of minds" comprises many aspects.

Trainee teachers are unofficially screened for so-called "racist" views. Teachers are also well-trained in Multiculturalism, and are encouraged to promote internationalism; both philosophies which have only one end for Australia: Asianisation. To this end, teachers are "armed" by internal training sessions, special journal articles, and even entire books, all of which have been developed to help brainwash students (euphemistically called "shaping students' attitudes") into the doctrine of Multiculturalism (and hence, our "Asian Future"). Teachers seize the opportunity to preach multiculturalism in a whole range of classes.

Multiculturalist brainwashing is often dressed up as "anti-racism education" or "cultural diversity awareness education". Teaching "anti- racism" is not so much about opposing instances of alleged "racial discrimination"; rather, it is widely used as code for "promoting Multiculturalism".

Multiculturalist education is biased, and is designed to give students proper access to the one point of view - the Multiculturalist view. Any opposing viewpoint is either ignored, or is published within textbooks written by Multiculturalists, so that the opposing view is often misrepresented, twisted, or quoted out of context. When it comes to Nationalism, Multiculturalist teachers will often point to "extremist" material or to "racist" material that is half a century or more old, ignoring the modern Nationalist writings that present a viable world-view in opposition to Multiculturalism.

The fact that the modern education system teaches students Multiculturalism in all subject areas, in a constant manner, (along with a mass media pushing a similar ideological viewpoint) equates to a system of ideological brainwashing. Sometimes obvious, sometimes subtle, sometimes stupid, sometimes clever, but always brainwashing, no matter which way you look at it.

General Multicultural indoctrination

Multiculturalist television propaganda is rampant in fictional television shows, largely as an American phenomena, but aired on Australian television stations. Such propaganda is usually expressed in one of several identifiable ways:

1. Anti-White propaganda, whereby White racial patriots are portrayed as rednecks, stupid, and/or violent; whereas Black racial patriots are portrayed as determined, clever, and/or righteous.

2. The hugely disproportionate use of inverse racial stereotypes, whereby Blacks disproportionately fulfill positive leadership roles (judges, police chiefs, and doctors are common roles for such "positive reinforcement" propaganda). Whereas Blacks in the USA (approximately 12% of the population) are only a small minority in such leadership roles, on television their filling of such roles doubles or triples. A clear indication of the pervasiveness of Multiculturalist propaganda on TV.

3. Concentrating on victims of so-called "racism", at the expense of all other victims. A theme constantly referred to in Hollywood television shows is that of "racist" genocide carried out by the German Nazis against Jews (actually, it should be more properly termed religious genocide); whereas, the more prevalent genocide carried out by Communist or Socialist regimes are virtually ignored by Hollywood. Genocide against Armenians in Turkey, Kurds in Iraq, Ukranians in the USSR, etc., get almost no attention from Hollywood. It has been theorised that this propaganda emphasis is aimed at delegitimising debate regarding race and immigration. Whilst there is nothing wrong with attacking the genocidal practices of the German Nazis, it is wrong if it is being callously used as a Multiculturalist propaganda weapon.

Multiculturalist propaganda is also seen on Australian-produced television, though mainly via "news" and "current affairs" shows.

Multiculturalist television propaganda, although morally wrong, is a powerful tool used to subtly brainwash and indoctrinate the Australian public.

Multiculturalists advocate genocide

"Genocide involves the attempt to achieve the disappearance of a group by whatever means. It does not have to be violent, it could be a combination of policies that would lead to a certain group dying out." Malcolm Fraser (Prime Minister of Australia 1975-1983)

We should consider a serious question regarding genocide: "Would it be a good thing to eliminate the Aboriginal population of Australia by assimilation into the larger population; or is genocide by assimilation a bad thing?"

We should consider yet another serious question regarding genocide: "Would it be a good thing to eliminate the European population of Australia by swamping the nation with Third World immigration, or is genocide by assimilation a bad thing?"

To quote Aboriginal leader Mick Dodson, "assimilation is genocide".

The United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide defines genocide in several different ways, including:

"Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part."

Under this definition, it is obvious that Multiculturalists are guilty of committing genocide against the Australian people, indeed against European peoples worldwide, using Third World immigration as their demographic weapon.

Genocide by assimilation of the European population in Australia can succeed, not because it is popularly desired (it is not), but because it is a matter of the European population being gradually outnumbered. Genocide by assimilation is enabled via several factors:

In Australia, as in many other European countries, genocide is a simple question of mathematics, combined with the propaganda and genocidal intent of Multiculturalists.

When Multiculturalists refer to their desire for "coffee-colored people by the score", they are referring to their desire for the genocide of all distinct human races; this is the evil "Final Solution" of the Multiculturalists. The evil of Multiculturalists is that they promise diversity by mixing all cultures, ethnic groups, and races together - whereas this is something which could only lead, in the long-term, to a single culture, a single ethnic group, a single race.

Contrary to what they preach, in the long term Multiculturalism will not lead to cultural diversity, but will instead bring an end to cultural diversity.

Nationalism = Diverse groups = DIVERSITY

Multiculturalism = Melting Pot = NO DIVERSITY

Australian patriots fought the authoritarian Nazis in the Second World War, and now we have to fight the authoritarian Multicultural Nazis; however, this time it is a fight for the very survival of our People, a fight for the right of our People to live, a fight against genocide.

Anyone who promotes genocide is evil. Genocide by annihilation or genocide by assimilation means the same thing - the death of a People.

The Asianisation of Australia

Demographic expert, Charles Price, has published his projections regarding Australia: "the year 2020 would see some 2.7 million persons of unmixed Asian origin and about 3.9 million persons of part Asian ancestry; a Total Descent figure of 6.6 million persons of whole or part Asian origin; that is, 26.7% of the total Australian population".

Bill Hayden (ex-Labor Foreign Minister, and Governor-General) said that Australia "should welcome the process of gradually becoming a Eurasian-type society... we will become not just a multicultural society - which seems to me to be a soft sort of terminology anyway - we will become a Eurasian society and we will be all the better for it".

Many people on the world stage have loudly opposed the demographic destruction (or genocide) of Tibet. In the same way, we have the right to oppose the demographic destruction of Australia; therefore, we have a democratic and a moral right to oppose the Asianisation of Australia.

The Asianisation of Australia means the genocide of the Australian people. The advent of Australia as an Asian or Eurasian country will mean the end of our national identity, our cultural identity, and our way of life. The Asianisation of Australia is nothing more than anti-European genocide.


At the present time, people of European racial background make up approximately 8% of the world's population, and that figure is shrinking. Even though Europeans are one of the world's three primary racial groups, we are now an endangered sub-species. Yet media publicity of racial and cultural extinction is almost always focused upon non-European ethnicities. We Europeans are a racial minority in the world! As a minority group, like any other, we have a natural right to ensure our own cultural and racial survival. Any Multiculturalist who disputes this natural right, for our people to simply survive, is a racist (a real one).

Multiculturalists and freedom of speech

Multiculturalists who call patriots "bigoted" and "intolerant" are often themselves the biggest bigots and most intolerant people in the world today:

Freedom of speech means defending everybody's right to speak, especially all of those to whom you are totally opposed - to do otherwise, whilst paying lip service to "free speech", is to be both a hypocrite and a liar. Multiculturalists attack free speech by censorship, intimidation, threats, and violence.

Multiculturalist hatred and thuggery

One aspect of Multiculturalism that most members of the public don't see is that of Multiculturalist intolerance and hatred. With the advent of the large Pauline Hanson movement in the 1990s, the public finally got to see the truly ugly face of Multiculturalist hatred.

Anti-Hanson demonstrators used violence and intimidation to stop Hanson's supporters from attending her meetings, and bashed many who did. Preventing people entering a lawful meeting to hear a duly elected member of Federal Parliament is the antithesis of democracy.

Yet, in much of the mainstream (Multiculturalist) media, a long silence ensued over the Multiculturalist thuggery at Hanson's meetings. Imagine the outcry if angry farmers disrupted a meeting of the Aboriginal and Torres Straits Islander Commission, or if some other group sabotaged a convention of multicultural bureaucrats.

Alongside many other Western countries that have fallen under the rule of jack-booted Multiculturalism, Australia has become a place where critics of the ruling ideology fear to speak their mind - an atmosphere not dissimilar to that of Nazi Germany or Communist Russia.

Multiculturalists support cultural genocide

Australia's culture is being undermined by the effects of the continual push for multiculturalism (especially in our educational institutions); we are now being taught to see ourselves as "ethnics", rather than Australians, and this cannot help but to adversely affect our national cultural output and development.

The Australian identity is denied. Many academics, trendies and "lefties" maintain that Australia does not have its own national and cultural identity. They argue that Australian culture is either "British', or a multicultural mish-mash; they tell us that Australia has no culture of its own.

Also, the destruction of our identity is being carried out by multiculturalism itself. From politicians and academics comes the cry "we are all ethnics", no-one is an actual Australian - everyone is an "ethnic". The origin of your parents or forebears dictates what type of "ethnic" you are: if you have English parents then you're an English "ethnic", if you have Irish parents then you're an Irish "ethnic", German parentage produces a German "ethnic", and so on.

The aim of this two-pronged attack is simple: no more Australians! Everyone becomes an "ethnic"; and the Australian identity and culture becomes treated as worthless and second-class, or gets twisted around to take on a multicultural slant. Multiculturalism, with its emphasis on community languages, ethnic media, and teaching children to identify as an ethnic, rather than as an Australian, promotes the development of ethnic identities and is destructive of Australia's national identity.

Multiculturalism is a form of cultural genocide being implemented against the Australian People.

Anti-White racism

Anti-White racism is a worldwide phenomena. The adherents of Multiculturalism have allowed, and even encouraged, racism and hatred against Whites, as well as creating an atmosphere of double-standards against the interests of White people, often hinging upon the Multiculturalist-created psychosis of the White Guilt Complex.

Various Liberal and Labor governments have believed it is quite acceptable to discriminate against White Australians. European immigrants have been discriminated against and discouraged from migrating to Australia.

Multiculturalists use "land rights" as an anti-White tactic

Multiculturalists are not interested in a People's right to their land; unless it is for a non-White people, of course. In post-colonial countries, such as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the USA, they say "Give the land back to the original inhabitants", whereas in Europe, where White people are the original inhabitants, they demand that immigration barriers be lifted to all and sundry, especially in favour of non-White Third-Worlders.

Multiculturalists claim to be interested in indigenous land claims or fool themselves that they are; but they do not apply this same principle to Europeans in Europe. Why? Because they are racists, they deliberately discriminate against White people. In fact, they are the worst kind of racist - they proclaim the equality of all races but actually seek the destruction of all races instead, aiming for the creation of a raceless rootless mass of humanity: "coffee-coloured people by the score", as the song goes.

The Multiculturalists are more than happy to preach in favour of Third World population invasions of Europe's homelands, whilst at the same time bemoaning the presence of Europeans in ex-colonial lands. In the meantime, they will continue to practice anti-White racism, because it suits their racist and genocidal ideology.

It's not racist, unless you're White

When is racism not racism? When it's directed against White people.

Multiculturalists have established one standard for White people, and another for non-White people - a tactic that is racist and discriminatory.

A situation that many people have complained about over the years is that by Multiculturalist standards it is alright (in the media, schools, etc.) for people to proclaim "I'm Aboriginal and proud of it", "I'm Asian and proud of it", or "I'm Black and proud of it", whereas to say "I'm White and proud of it" will immediately bring condemnation from the media and politicians.

When non-Whites are discriminated against, it's called "racism". When Whites are discriminated against, it's called "affirmative action", "minority preferences", or "reverse racism". However, it should be obvious to any fair-minded person that racism is racism, no matter whether it is against a White person or a Black person.

The "White Guilt Complex"

Creating a "White Guilt Complex" is central to many Multiculturalist campaigns and Aboriginal "land rights" campaigns. Some lobbyists may claim that they are out to create a climate of "justice", that they are not seeking to lay blame or guilt at the feet of White Australians, but this is not borne out by their actions and speeches, many of which are obviously aimed at creating a climate of guilt.

Blaming "White people" in general for anything is as ridiculous. To talk of anything being the fault of "White people" in general, as a collective group, is utter racism.

Following campaigns by the media and academia, White Australians are made to feel guilty for various claims regarding Aboriginal Australians, whether it is the "stolen generation", deaths in custody, or White massacres of Blacks. They are encouraged to feel responsible for claimed versions of events that are beyond their control or before their time. They are encouraged or harangued to sign "Sorry books" for actions towards Aborigines that they had nothing to do with, and of which they have never been fully informed of all sides of the story. Such propaganda is all part of an ideological push to create a "White Guilt Complex" in the psychology of White people worldwide.

Journalists and teachers don't give equally prominent publicity to similar claims regarding the "stolen generations" of Whites, White deaths in custody, and Aboriginal massacres of Whites (and Chinese); they are just not interested in such issues or in giving balanced reporting. Most people in the media and academia are devout Multiculturalists who treat the newspapers, television stations, and classrooms, not as places for imparting truth, but as places for propagandising, to push their own political and social views.

It is time for all Australians of European backgrounds to shrug off the mind baggage of the "White Guilt Complex". It is a concept of emotional blackmail that relies upon historical half-truths, fabrications, and faulty logic.

Who are the real racists?

So, who are the real racists?

It is the Multiculturalists - they are the true racists in our society.

Cosmopolitan Multiculturalists, including - or traveling alongside - globalist Socialists and internationalist Capitalists, are the real racists. They push propaganda to denigrate and delegitimise White people, they support an ideology of racial assimilation that has the resulting long-term outcome of racial genocide against all human races, and they actively campaign (including to cheat, deceive, and lie) to bring about their racist, anti-diversity, Multiculturalist Reich.

Multiculturalists support anti-White racism. Multiculturalists seek the genocide of the European Peoples. Multiculturalists are evil, racist, and genocidal.


It is time for Australian Nationalists to take back the moral high ground in public debate.

Nationalism is a stream of thought that promotes diverse cultures, human bio-diversity, free-thinking, and freedom of speech.

Multiculturalism, on the other hand, promotes the eventual loss of differing cultures, the genocide of differing ethnic and racial groups, and opposes both freedom of speech and democracy. Multiculturalists are often bigoted, prejudiced, and full of hate - particularly against those who don't share their world-view.

Multiculturalists in government stifle or outlaw free speech, undermine democratic traditions, deliberately indoctrinate school students, falsify or misreport issues of public importance, and continuously carry out anti-White racism.

Multiculturalists in education and the media preach biased and distorted views of social issues, often putting forward twisted truths, lies, and half-lies in their attempts to brainwash their audiences, to spread their world-view wherever and whenever they can - no matter if truth, democracy, or integrity are the victims of their propaganda.

Multiculturalists in radical groups take to the streets as the storm troopers of the Multiculturalist Nazis, to harass, victimise, and bash their opponents. This goes on all the time, usually ignored by the Multiculturalist media, and only surfacing in rare events, such as during the violent victimisation of Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party.

It is time for Australians to be shown that Multiculturalists are racist, evil, and genocidal; whilst Australian Nationalists are protectors of diversity of ethnicity, culture, and human rights.

Stand up to Multiculturalist intimidation and oppression

It's time to say to the Multiculturalists:
"Don't oppress my culture"
"Don't oppress my people"

Be proud to be an Australian

Take back the moral high ground

29 October 2004

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