Australian Nationalism Vs. Anglo-Saxonism, part 1 of 4


Today, more and more Australians are awakening to the fact that our country is under a virtual "invasion" by Third World immigrants of all types. Government enforced "Multiculturalism" is creating serious ethnic divisions. The Australian Identity and Heritage is under attack. As Australia produces growing numbers of potential recruits for a movement of Australian Nationalism, we are confronted by an urgent problem. We must shape the direction of this new "movement" into the right channel, There are a number of groups in operation; each is placing itself before The People.

We style ourselves as thorough-going Australian nationalists, progressive nationalists. We are forced to confront groups which express an alternate ideology, "Anglo-Saxonism", the doctrine which makes much of our British past. These persons are committing great errors, sometimes understandable mistakes, but extremely harmful when considered in context. Our objective is to correct their mistakes, to guide the European Australia movement into tactically and historically correct paths. Such is the task of this pamphlet.


Allow us to elucidate the kernels of Anglo-Saxonism. The Anglo-Saxonists begin by pointing out that most of Australia's early migrants were British and that they established the English language as the national tongue. They recall our national development: that we began as six colonies of Great Britain under whose auspices Federation was allowed to occur. The Anglo-Saxonists proclaim that Australia was safe while Britain defended us. It is agreeable to them that the British Establishment in Australia imported British political and artistic-literary culture into the country. The Anglo-Saxonists attempt to appropriate all of Australia's military glory and mutate it into a "patriotic" ideology which finds virtue in Australia's involvement in Britain's wars. They remind us that the flag under which we won our glory contains the Union Jack. The Anglo-Saxonists argue that the public affection for Queen Elizabeth, who is also Queen of Australia, proves the vibrancy of our British Heritage.

The Anglo-Saxonists are convinced that all immigration weakens this Heritage, which actually IS the Australian Heritage. To survive the crisis faced by the Nation, the Anglo-Saxonists advocate the assertion of the British Heritage.



Australian nationalists are proud indeed of various elements of our British Heritage. We are proud of being able to appreciate the richness of British literature and scientific enquiry. Our national language gives us easy access to the wealth of an old culture. This is priceless. But our Anglo-Saxonists are often much more concerned with our political-British past. For us, this is another matter.

The Anglo-Saxonists make much of "Westminster Government". Nationalists have little time for it. Let us be practical. Our political mission requires a very different style of government. Our Constitution is horse and buggy. It is not a sacred cow. We are certain to modify it. Is this necessarily an attack on our "Heritage"? Nationalists are also aware that assorted colonial anachronisms in law and administration must likewise be swept away. All this would be simple practicality.

When Australian Nationalists praise our British Heritage, we are admiring and promoting matters of culture; unlike the Anglo-Saxonists, we are not talking of "links" to which we are supposedly permanently bound by blood. There is good and bad in our British past; our task is to promote the good and repudiate the bad. Is that so unreasonable? Nationalists use the analogy that "children" grow up and develop differently from their "parents"; Anglo-Saxonists reply that while that is so, there is no need to "insult" or "deny" one's ties. True, but Nationalists are making on that point a claim for individuality. Australia's coming trials are original and unique. New institutions and laws backed by a new philosophy are called for. THAT is our point.

Australian Nationalism Vs. Anglo-Saxonism

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