Australian Nationalism

The Vital Difference
Between Native-Australianism
and British-Australianism

"By the term Australian we mean not just those who were merely born in Australia. All white men who come to these shores with a clean record and who leave behind them the memory of the class distinctions and religious differences of the Old World; all men who place the happiness of their adopted land before imperialism ... are Australians"
The Bulletin 2 July 1887


The Anglo-Saxonist Theory
Some Aspects of Our British Heritage
Demolishing the Basics of Anglo-Saxonism
Australia's War Glory
The Development of Australian Culture
The Question of the Monarchy
The Vision Grand and the Vision Petite
An Unhappy Past
Our National Heritage for a Cultural Revolution
A Decision


Note from the editor: This publication is a rewrite of a previously published pamphlet (subject to editing and alteration, as well as including sections written by the editor). The original author, (Dr.) Jim Saleam, has disclaimed any copyright in relation to the original pamphlet.

John Croft

11 November 1996

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