Colony and Empire

A Broad Background to Australia's
Subservient Relationship with Britain

Thomas Ross



Section 1: Australian National Sovereignty
Colony or Nation?
The Constitution and the Privy Council
Foreign Affairs

Section 2: Australian Laws: Subject to Britain
Powers Over Colonial Australia
Rejecting Proposed Laws (Bills) of Colonial Australia
Powers Over the Australian Commonwealth
The Australia Act of 1986
Still a Colony?

Section 3: Rulers: Regal and Vice-Regal
Sir Philip Game and Sir John Kerr
Points of Interest
The Queen: An Unacceptable Head of State for Australia

Section 4: Defence
Defence and Independence
Our Japanese Protectors?
Australian War Dead
World War One
World War Two
Declarations of War

Section 5: Immigration and Race
Colonial Australia
Federated Australia
The Cocos Islands Affair

Section 6: Miscellaneous
Imperial Federation
The "Republican Riots"
Expulsions From Parliament

Section 7: Culture
Australia's National Identity and Culture


November 1997

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