Colony and Empire


This publication looks at the ongoing subservience of Australia to Britain, British institutions, and British politicians. While the nature of this subservient relationship has changed, both in direction and in degree, it still continues. The aim here is to give the general reader a broad background to Australia's subservient relationship with Britain.

The British contribution to Australian society should also be acknowledged, as the nation's foundation stone, but such acknowledgment is not the aim of this document, and can be found in other publications. However, such positive contributions should not act as a smokescreen to blot out the negative and/or stifling aspects of the British legacy.

Australians need to be made aware of our subservient history; of the down-side to our relationship with Britain; and that while earlier generations of Australians often put Britain first, the reverse was not forthcoming.

So what's the point that's being made within this document?

Just this: Australia can only rely on Australians to look after our national interests (even then, we can only truly rely on Australian nationalists, not on those who have foreign loyalties or foreign interests at heart).

Thus, we must free our nation from all foreign constraints (no matter whether these are operational or symbolic). We must become independent in as many aspects of our national life as is possible, to every extent that is possible. Australia must become a Republic; on top of which we will still need to seek further independence - political, cultural, and economic.

Australians must look to themselves if we are to find a basis for national advancement. As Henry Lawson once wrote:

Colony and Empire

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