The Coming Struggle: Tasks for Australian Nationalists

Section five

The historical tasks of Australian Nationalism

The tactics of a nationalist party set themselves according to the historical scale of the tasks allotted to that party. Before us are immediate tasks and general historical questions which have stepped forward for resolution. Both the immediate and general tasks together indicate that our movement is no ordinary movement, but a truly revolutionary movement. We must create a NATIONAL REVOLUTION to carry out the mission which is ours to fulfil. Australia must become a Nation.

(1) The "British Question".

Australia must overcome her colonial past. Australia must confront the "British Question". The Nationalist party cannot accept that the nation is "British" (or even "Anglo-Celtic"); the Nation is "European" in general, but AUSTRALIAN in particular. It is vital to remove from the national consciousness any lingering confusion. Confusion in the national mind abets the national enemy.

It is a fact of history that the British Imperial ideology, fostered so vociferously in the 1920s and 1930s, operated to kill off any form of true Australian Nationalism and has twisted Australian patriotism continually. Organisations of monarchists have arisen to proclaim our "British heritage".(10)

Yet to mobilise Australians for national survival, a mobilisation of NATIVE-NATIONALIST feeling is needed. Australia - ALONE - is the reality! Our land, our history, our traditions are the target of attack here - not Britain or its monarchy or its history. It is a task of Australian Nationalism to create an Australian Republic, to militarily defend that republic, and to forge a vibrant Australian Identity.

(2) Cultural-political Americanisation.

Australia must free herself of cultural-political Americanisation. Since the 1940s Australia has slipped under the political control of the New York plutocracy. With the buy-up of national resources at "bargain basement prices" and the use of "allied troops" in overseas wars not of our making, has also come the ghetto culture, the drug culture, the music of spiritual-rot, the capitalistic get-rich-quick cult, and much more. The cosmopolitan-internationalism of the United States threatens Australia far more than the rough imperialism of Moscow ever did. Cosmopolitan-internationalism is by its very nature a liberalistic ideology: a corrupting, weakening creed which places "pleasure" before discipline, "humanity" before the Nation, "rights" before duty. Once released into the national bloodstream it destroys whole sectors of the community-body.

Australia's fight with "United States imperialism" is primarily a spiritual struggle, a cultural struggle. To have an Australian Culture and Identity, it is necessary to break free of cosmopolitanism: to raise up "borders" or barriers to the internationalisation of Australia.

(3) Environmentalism.

Our long-term relationship with this continent should be one of stewardship. This requires both population sizes and a range of lifestyles that can be sustained through generations to come, by the renewable resources of the earth.

We must act immediately to control: (a) the loss or impoverishment of our soils; (b) the destruction of our flora and fauna; (c) the pollution of our rivers and degradation of our ground water reserves; (d) the pollution and congestion of our cities; (e) the nation's contribution to the greenhouse effect and ozone hole; and (f) the unsustainable exploitation of our natural resources.

Such depletions of the nation's biological and resource capital cannot be reversed while our planning remains dominated by the twin goals of: (1) growth of per-capita consumption and (2) growth of population. We should revise all policies that commit us to living beyond the biological means that our continent gives us.

It is idiotic that we are ruining our already poor soils by over-taxing them in the pursuit of foreign dollars; and destroying our rivers, forests, bushlands, native animals, and plantlife in the chase for temporary economic benefit. We owe it to Australia's future generations to leave them a country that is capable of sustaining its own population, not one that has been environmentally wrecked (a sacrifice made at the altar of the almighty dollar).

(4) Multiculturalism.

Multiculturalism serves the purposes of "national division" - prior to Asianisation. It is the task of Australian Nationalism to win to the Nation all valuable elements of the European migrant communities - who are being deliberately divided from the mainstream of the Nation. "Multiculturalism" is a major test of the strength of the magnetic quality of Australian Nationalism. The artificial "British ideology" of erstwhile patriots cannot reconcile these elements:to the Nation. Only an Australian nativist racial-nationalist ideology can achieve this task.

(5) Asianisation.

Asianisation is the major enemy of the Australian People and Nation. This threat has many aspects: economic, political, demographic, and cultural. Cosmopolitan-internationalists (who now disproportionately dominate the important bases of power in this country) see our enmeshment with Asia as a "good thing" (no doubt, this alleviates the "bleeding hearts" of many pathetic white cosmopolitans), and this development is encouraged and furthered by the traitor-class of "our" politicians, diplomats, and public servants.

It is estimated that 26.7% of Australia's population will be Asian or part-Asian by 2020, finally becoming a truly Asian country in the 2090s. This will be a "do or die" struggle for our nation: either we will retain our national and cultural identity, or our nation - our people - will die. The peoples of Asia have homelands that enable the continuation of their identity and culture, but the Australian people stand to lose their very existence. It is the ultimate test of our national will and the Australian People's right to its Continent Nation. It is a matter which, in the end, is very likely to be decided by guns - through national war and, possibly, civil war.

Should Australian Nationalists resolve the questions outlined above we could guarantee the national future of Australia. Australia is one of the few "last frontiers" of the European race. It has the potential to become a self-sufficient nation, one that need not rely upon the smothering input of foreign "investment" and parasitic multinational corporations to achieve the ideal of a new culturally-vibrant European civilisation in the Southern Hemisphere.

It should also be understood that such a new state could not be sustained without great internal change. In the late 19th century the organisers of the Australian Trade Union movement, the Labor party, and other nationalists and republicans looked towards the creation of a new social order - a classless nation state which some called the SOCIAL REPUBLIC. To our mind, there is no sense making a NATIONAL Revolution to guarantee the biological/cultural survival of the Australian People without forming a SOCIAL republic to ensure the livelihood, well-being, and equality of the Australian citizen.

We have here referred to the broad general and particular historical tasks confronting the Nationalist party. Such a mission allotted to this generation is that for which sacrifice is called into play. The Australian Revolution is a true revolution, not a mere change of government but a total change in our living conditions and social surrounding. The New Australia will be built on the ruins of the old.

The party which wins this fight carries with it an historical weapon, a "truth" against which the Establishment has only corrupt and mercenary forces.


10. Australian Nationalists accept certain "British" "gifts" to Australia - language, literature, and - immigrants! Our Nationalism implies no rejection of these things, but simply rejects the political-British ideology and the residue of the domination of the former Empire.

The Coming Struggle: Tasks for Australian Nationalists

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