The Coming Struggle

Tasks for Australian Nationalists



Section one: The development of modern Australian Nationalism
(1) Gestation: 1974 to 1978
(2) Middle period: 1978 to mid-1980s
(3) Recent period: mid-1980s to 1990s

Section two: Conservatism - the greatest danger
to the development of a Nationalist party

(1) The Two Patriotisms
(A) How did the Two Patriotisms emerge?
(B) How things stand today
(C) Concerning British-Australian Patriotism
(D) The Nationalist and the Conservative
(2) Against Conservatism: The break

Section three: Ideology, politics, organisation
(1) Ideology
(2) Politics
(3) Organisation
(A) Secrecy
(B) Members and Cadre-Members
(C) Activism

Section four: The road to power - Against erroneous ideas
(1) Infiltrationism
(2) Electoralism
(3) Terrorism
(4) Political Struggle: The proper path to follow

Section five: The historical tasks of Australian Nationalism
(1) The "British Question"
(2) Cultural-political Americanisation
(3) Environmentalism
(4) Multiculturalism
(5) Asianisation

Section six: The tactics of Australian Nationalism
(1) Propaganda
(2) Visibility
(3) The atmosphere of political struggle
(4) The importance of Cadre-Members
(5) Targets for propaganda
(6) Political Sabotage
(7) Political Guerrillaism

Section seven: Political soldiers and Nationalist struggle

Section eight: The development of the Party
(1) The Propagandist Party
(A) The massive escalation of propaganda
(B) The energetic development of ideological work
(C) The creation of basic organisational structures
(D) Conditions of membership to become more stringent
(E) The application of strict secrecy to our work
(F) Priorities must be understood
(G) The principle of a "closed" organisation
(H) The foundation of a political newspaper
(I) The emergence of a party symbol
(J) The radical psychology
(2) The Militant Party
(3) The Agitational Party
(4) The Party of the Nation

Section nine: Australia today

Section ten: Attaining political power


Appendix: Questions and answers
Question: Is our political enemy the Establishment or the Communist "Left"?
Question: Action or knowledge?
Question: How should we push the idea of ideological struggle while maintaining friendly relations with "similar" groups?
Question: How do Nationalists view the emergence of Australians Against Further Immigration (AAFI)?
Question: Will a Conservative backlash save Australia?
Question: How long will it take to achieve our aims?
Question: Will we succeed "before it's too late"?

It is recommended that the summary of the main document is read so as to gain a general overview before reading the larger document.

Note from the editor: This publication is a rewrite of two previously published pamphlets, What is to be done? and Our Tasks (subject to editing and alteration, as well as including sections written by the editor). The original author, (Dr.) Jim Saleam, has disclaimed any copyright in relation to the original pamphlets.

David Tremayne

11 November 1996

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