The Coming Struggle: Tasks for Australian Nationalists

Section six

The tactics of Australian Nationalism

So far this pamphlet has been two things. It has been critical of certain ideas or trends which may distort the development of a nationalist organisation. Secondly, this pamphlet has dealt with the question "What is to be done?" from the point of ideology and has elucidated general principles for the party. It is now time to discuss our question from the more practical point of view.

Our aim is to win! Hitherto "patriotic" and even Nationalist organisations have fought a rearguard action against the anti-national forces of multiracialist cosmopolitanism. We must no longer fight rearguard battles but go over to the offensive. For Nationalists there are no Monarchs, Constitutions, States rights, etc. to "defend". There are no sacred cows. There is only the cause of an Independent White Australia! With that in mind we have "lowered" the tone of debate from bourgeois private meetings to the street level, from talk to action, from "defence" to "attack".

(1) Propaganda.

Nationalists must provide an energetic propaganda organisation. And that propaganda must be aggressive propaganda.

We must have "exposure" propaganda - which points out what the treason is and who is doing it. We must criticise all the anti-Australian attitudes (particularly the Asianisation "ideals") of the Establishment. And we must do this with concrete examples of the betrayal of the Australian People. This propaganda must incite a reaction in the people.

(2) Visibility.

Nationalists must provide a "visible" organisation. Unlike the old-Right or even some nationalist factions, a viable Nationalist organisation must become known to the general public, particularly to those with no concrete political persuasion. To that end activists need to be seen in public and ensure that other propaganda is displayed visually (slogans, posters, etc.).

Australians must also become aware that a movement of nationalist opposition is continually active. In this sense we engage in physical propaganda: the demonstration.

(3) The atmosphere of political struggle.

It is necessary that, where we have any strength at all, we must introduce an atmosphere of "political struggle" even if that is at the "gutter" level. We will fight as resources permit. This struggle is indeed beneath the "dignity" of the bourgeois yet it is necessary that Australians be alerted to a fight waged by those who P.R. Stephensen (a 1930s Australian Nationalist) called "the rough crude men who will save White Australia". The so-called "thug" image sometimes rendered to us needs to be refined, cultivated, and developed; we can become, through energetic action, vanguard fighters - and be publicly seen in this capacity.

(4) The importance of Cadre-Members.

The activist Cadre-Member is worth more than the ordinary Member, or the casual supporter. Our "radicalism" ensures the quiescence of ordinary Members and supporters within the organisation. With activists, organisations opposed to White Australia and Independence can be countered. The activist mentality must be promoted within the party.

(5) Targets for propaganda.

"Targets" for verbal and physical propaganda must be found. Such "targets" are those which are (usually) "softer" than ourselves, those likely to "scream" to the media. Our propaganda, of course, must tell the truth. And it must achieve the "intimidation" of the anti-Australian person or group.

It is necessary for us to win whatever objective we set - be it merely publicity, or the destruction of a group, or the embarrassment of an individual. In this mode of political warfare, victory is essential in that it inspires new recruits and solidifies the party, ideologically, politically, and organisationally.

(6) Political Sabotage.

We must learn to politically sabotage the Establishment. Consider two areas "dominated" by the System: multicultural education and Japanese (and other Asian) property investment - both "enemies" of the Australian People. The education system preaches System-propaganda and accustoms younger Australians to the recolonisation of their country. The obvious product of economic recolonisation (immigration) is praised by this education system; Australian history has been/is distorted by this propaganda to endorse Establishment treason. Asian investment "balances" the deficits in our trade. It is essential to Australian capitalism. Like the U.S. "investment" of the 1960s, Asian "development" is "vital" to the economic survival of our lunatic economic system.

If nationalists could begin to "sabotage" just these two social props of the System we could cause considerable dislocation politically and economically in Australia. We can cause disruption and cause "questioning", thereby costing the System money and new "recruits". This a far more positive approach than electioneering (!) or "infiltration" (!!).

In the interests of secrecy it would be completely incorrect for us to discuss in any detail here exactly how we could achieve results in this area. That is a matter for the relevant party committees. Nonetheless, we are sure our party members can understand our point. Nothing is ever gained politically unless a system is dislocated and - eventually - crippled. The Australian Establishment, which will concede us nothing, can only be overturned by methods which are not affected by bourgeois ideas. It can only be smashed by intense planned political struggle which accelerates the destruction of the old-order politically, economically, and psychologically while at the same time a new party prepares to culminate its struggle in the acquisition of power.

(7) Political Guerrillaism.

When we sum up the preceding six points, it all adds to a new type (for Australian conditions) of organisation. The method of this new type of party is called: political guerrillaism.

Earlier in this pamphlet, reference was made to the "political jungle" from which nationalists initiated the struggle. Such an analogy is undoubtedly correct. The bourgeois patriots, as well as the Establishment, have abandoned this terrain; we must take charge of it as our "base" area. Those who have no inclination to "fight" there, who wish to maintain "respectability", are welcome to "support" such a course or abandon any pretence to back such a party, though we are sure the former line of approach on their part would be inevitable given results.

It was said that we need to integrate Ideology, Politics, and Organisation into one organic process. This can be achieved through the "guerrilla strategy" of struggle. That implies a plan which integrates the party's political work.

Previously there had been no plan. Certainly outside of the modern Australian Nationalists there is not even a strategy, let alone a "marketable" ideology. This is not "criticism" but fact. It should not be said we are in possession of "the plan to victory" (some sort of armchair theorising) but we do have a plan for attack. It is more important that we recognise what we have by way of "resources" and who we are by way of personnel. We have no bourgeois media men or trillionaires or much else to do the work for us. We don't daydream about these things either. We are who we are; we have what we have. Local Nationalist leaders and committees in their respective cities must forever break free of the idea that they are bodies to "educate" the public with interesting information. They must see themselves as a "staff" employing various activists as part of a local plan to destabilise opposing organisations in a public fashion. And all this as a part of an offensive planned nationally.

Some have challenged Nationalists generally for being "negative" and "destructive"; intra-nationalist opponents sometimes say that with an open "legitimate" party they would be "positive" and "constructive". Rubbish! Utter bourgeois nonsense! To win we must destroy public confidence in the state-power and force the public to have a "negative" desire to rid Australia of internationalism. The idea of having clean areas (a "nice" nationalist party) in a political sewer (Australia today) is just laughable. The fact is that our hands will get dirty in our "jungle"; many layers of popular support would simply not be available to us at first. To "march back" to this "support" before we have moulded ourselves as a political force is equivalent to de-railing the organisation and would be an offence against discipline in the party.

Our struggle is an all-round concept. The all-round campaign builds the party ideologically, politically, and organisationally. We advance in a broad way amongst the people - with victory to our credit. (Even if some conservatives miss the point! - who cares?).

Against our opponents we are in a position to hit and run. With a few issues "on the boil" in each locality we can push whichever barrow is convenient. We can pick political "targets" within the gamut of any single issue. And strike at will, invisibly or otherwise: lightning pickets, exposure leaflets, office occupations, etc.

All of this implies "training", not the training of any "party-school" (though internal education will be implemented) but on the job training. Our activists and leaders must learn as they go. The fact is that it is not urgent that we always be "dead-on". We can err and learn quickly and apply our lessons. We can lose a battle but still have our "victory". We will have "casualties" (arrests, resignations, etc.) but will win new recruits to our forces inspired by action.

The phase of political guerrillaism in some ways never ends, it just becomes more sophisticated. But in the early period of party building we need to sharpen the aggression of our Cadre-Members, the political aggression to seize upon an "issue" and ride it to a victory. Australians must become accustomed to political turmoil, disorder, and even social violence.(11) These things will most certainly arise. If the government can no longer guarantee that its policies will be enforced peaceably then it is discredited, not us.


11. Violence will always be present since party activists are certain to be physically attacked in public.

The Coming Struggle: Tasks for Australian Nationalists

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