The Coming Struggle: Tasks for Australian Nationalists

Section seven

Political soldiers and Nationalist struggle

The adoption of political-guerrillaism as our tactical form demands of us professionalisation. Of necessity therefore we must become "political soldiers". In this regard, we are not referring to the ordinary Members of the party, but only to Cadre-Members (activists) and members of the Committees. Their style of thinking must embody the "military" frame of mind - "victories", "recruiting", "enemies", "the state power", "duty", etc.

In our Nationalist movement there were/are two ways of pursuing this "war". One way is to behave as "zealots", scream our truths in the public squares, cultivate a vigorous or (pseudo) "heroic" style, announce our intentions openly and expect the mass to respond to our propaganda. In reality demoralisation would soon set in. The masses are passive generally but downright lethargic in Australia. We would be a sect truly isolated from even the possibility of mass support. Those few who think that fascism provides a model of behaviour in that regard are likely to be extremely disappointed. Of course we cannot stop the frustrated or the naive from behaving in this way but we are in a position to practise what we have preached. We can pursue our model of political guerrilla warfare, "the war of the flea".

In this pamphlet reference has been made to Lenin and Mao Tse-tung. That was deliberate. The politics of the "Right" (as well as those groups which sometimes pass as "Nationalist") is usually devoid of any intelligence in the formulation of tactics and its public policies. Instead, we have looked at the activities of Marxists (who historically have been successful), and have examined closely Australia's political/social realities. Other ideas have also been considered in expressing the formulation of political guerrillaism.(12) "Unfortunately" the lethargic/cynical nature of the Australian mass invalidated those types of approaches which were possibly valid years ago. However, the Australian people have become attuned to the "blood-concept" in politics; they like to see someone "pulled down". And so it must be. Someone, anyone, will be "pulled down"! Organisations will be smashed in turn - publicly.

The fact is that our operations must work through (a) an "intelligentsia" (i.e. committees) which drafts a "project", (b) cadres who research and initiate the tactics relevant to the success of the project, and (c) activists who carry out the task. Today we deal with the "gutter". (But later the same concept could be applied to our "infiltration" of the armed services, the police, and the public service; so that a network of nationalists serving the party becomes such that our forces are seemingly everywhere.)

Our "jungle" is that area of politics outside of Parliament and outside of other bourgeois institutions. It is the political gutter where the rules of warfare are irregular and often "costly". It has been our contention that political change could not take place within the parameters of the System. A new type of disciplined revolutionary organisation must be constructed to wage a struggle with a criminal Establishment. A key issue for nationalists at this time is to accept the inevitable nature of this struggle. There can be no shirking from this struggle. The time is short but there is no end of play actors or "false idea salesmen" willing to mislead the growing patriotic mass of Australians. Of course, this mass is not ready to accept the need for a national Eureka Stockade! It hesitates, wavers, and apathetically avoids the issues - as we have noted. A duty falls upon our "political soldiers" to consolidate, consistently, a new doctrine; and to do so - in action.

The political guerrillaist method of struggle sees the roles played by "our" national institutions and forms as mere "methods" employed by the Establishment to coerce and confuse Australians. The "conservative" Australian sees in INSTITUTIONS (courts, laws, Monarchy, Constitution, etc.) the very expression of our Identity which needs to be preserved. The Nationalist sees institutions merely as people, and corrupt anti-Australian people at that. The Nationalist method surely must be to reduce issues to simple questions (like FOR OR AGAINST White Australia, etc.) to break through the confusing haloes and myths which surround institutions and even "traditions" in Australia. Showing not only his contempt for these things but also his ability to recognise realities, the Nationalist resorts to more basic methods of struggle. The "gutter", "the jungle", must become the normal area to carry out this war! In this "jungle" we can win. Outside of it, we are outclassed by institutionalised forms designed to blunt any attack!

There is little doubt that the Establishment lends itself to the method of action being advocated here. Australia is a paradise for "subversive action" or "political guerrilla" warfare. Our enemies in the cosmopolitan-internationalist camp have many weaknesses. And this is stated despite the violence of the Establishment which has been a factor throughout our national history. Rather, once the "mask" is torn from bourgeois institutions, etc., struggle becomes a simpler proposition as greater forces make themselves available as the realities of state power are revealed.(13) Consequently, our Nationalist party must take up the exposure and criticism of the Establishment's institutions as part of a style of aggressive propaganda.

However, we are not "zealots". Time is needed to achieve results. It is a protracted war which will ebb and flow with high points and low points until the System will politically disintegrate. In that sense we speak of political "guerrilla" warfare. And, once we realise that recruits are most definitely becoming available to us, we can then see ourselves as professionals, "political soldiers" to train and utilise these new forces for our struggle. We cannot promise instant success. We can leave this safely to the playactors mentioned before. However, the lack of a "plan" of struggle is the question - again.

The method of political guerrillaism with its organisational discipline, secrecy, hierarchy, activism, new ideology, contempt for all old institutions and organisational methods, implies "health" within the nationalist party. Struggle might (who knows?) move entirely back into legalistic parliamentary forms (though this is all but impossible) and this could be done. The method is flexible. But more "likely" it could become armed struggle(14) and the method is again flexible.

The "war of the flea" is as frustrating for us as it is for our opposition in the Establishment and its subsidiary organisations. It is, however, a realistic and professional idea. We need to mount an organisational, political, and ideological assault on state power. This is as much a physical as a psychological struggle, designed (as observed previously) to disintegrate the Establishment politically, economically, and psychologically.

If this document has been somewhat "cagey" in places, the reader will be forced to "read between the lines" - which you are sure to do. We thus may also avoid the media harassment which results from "too direct" statements.

Nonetheless our course is plain.


12. The term "political soldiers" was adopted by the British National Front, and has also been used also by certain Italian nationalist groups.

13. When the state power is revealed for what it is, history shows that its "morality" is torn away. As in Eastern Europe in 1989, revolution then becomes a moral feasibility.

14. For imbeciles, legalists, and political police: We are not "advocating" this violence, but are merely referring to historical possibilities.

The Coming Struggle: Tasks for Australian Nationalists

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