The Coming Struggle: Tasks for Australian Nationalists

Section nine

Australia today

A nationalist party has enormous potential in present day Australia if it applies the correct tactics and preaches the right solutions. Our pamphlet has already said that our future support must lie within groups alienated from the System or disadvantaged within it.

The National Revolution will also be a class revolution, not "class" in the sense of the communists' historical theory, but in terms of the "haves" vs. the "have-nots". The truth is that the Australian Establishment is "comprador" in character. "Comprador" means simply that it is not "national" in any way, Its psychology and its loyalties are "International". The bourgeoisie is loyal to the U.S., the "Asian economic destiny", etc. It has no intention of developing Australia as an independent nation state. A political revolution against this group must also of necessity be a "class" revolution. The political-power dispossession of this treasonous group implies of necessity their economic-power dispossession.

Further, when we discuss our middle classes we frequently find people whose commitment to money and property far exceeds any concept of NATION. In reality, this group (whose character was set in the post-War period) requires only economic stability in exchange for its loyalty. In "middle class Asian immigration", and "stability" (acquired by the economic suppression of the worker and working "small man" and farmer), the middle group finds "salvation". The middle class often provides the managers and the propagandists for the Establishment. The overturn of its "values" must also be contemplated. With that must go its "lifestyle".

In reality, the Australian National Revolution will bring to power those who have "lost" under the System. The lack of "charity" on their part should be expected. This conditions our propaganda and the character of our organisation from the outset. Fishing for bourgeois support and petty bourgeois votes is setting sail against the wind. Our party must agitate, not conciliate, the upper-suburbanite. We cannot agitate "respectably". Nationalists must choose!

It should be recalled, as we consider the question, that our country is falling apart around us. Asian and coloured immigration brings the equivalent of a small city of aliens to Australia annually. Tens of thousands of Australians, following Bill Hayden's advice, and for whatever other motives, would happily produce, "biologically", a new "Eurasian Australia". The economy falters. The birth rate slumps. The farmers quit the land. The political police are strengthened. The notion that Australia is "the best country in the world" is a sick joke.

We recall a few lines from Henry Lawson:

"They lie the men who tell us for reasons of their own
that want here is a stranger and that misery's unknown."

And these lines ring true!

The myth of the "Lucky Country" should finally be laid to rest. Immediate issues and long-standing historical questions are coming forward for resolution. Several broad themes for propaganda have become apparent:
  1. Immigration, Multiculturalism, and Asianisation.
  2. Youth, and Unemployment.
  3. Economic Colonisation (International Banks and Multinationals), Foreign "Investment", and Foreign Debt.
  4. Republicanism; and Independence (economic, cultural, political).
  5. Environmentalism.
  6. Promotion of the Australian National Identity and Culture.
Each of these issues carries within it immediate and historical questions. All are the focus of considerable "concern", which the Nationalist party must politicise and express firm views upon. Each issue implies the politics of instability with people stepping outside of Parliamentary politics to get results.

Nationalists are, therefore, a "symptom" of the coming gross instability of Australian politics. We hope to also "contribute" to this instability. The fact is that the internationalist System is finding it increasingly difficult to govern. It twists Australian political life to fit the demands of the internationalist forces - at the Australian people's expense. With this in view, with a clear understanding of the corruption and the malice of this political "order", the only logical decision was to begin the construction of a new party, a revolutionary organisation. There is certainly a clear "morality" in favour of this decision.

As the United States' Declaration of Independence (1776) reminds us: governments exist to serve men and nations. When they no longer do so, it is the right - indeed the duty - of men to abolish that government. Such an act of "abolition" is not likely to be a peaceful affair. The filth of Australian politics has tarnished too much. In reality, history teaches us the primacy of force in human affairs. Australia today has degenerated past the point where things may be corrected easily and quickly.

Contemporary Australia is awaiting a party to act upon that which we have discussed here. The decision to act rests with our readers!

The Coming Struggle: Tasks for Australian Nationalists

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