The Coming Struggle: Tasks for Australian Nationalists

Section ten

Attaining political power

Within this document it has been stated that power does not entirely reside within parliament. To some people (those who believe that because parliament makes the laws, that therefore it is all-powerful) this statement may seem strange, and therefore needs to be explained.

The cosmopolitan-internationalist Establishment holds various bases of power within Australia, each having a varying degree of power: Parliament and political parties, the Constitution, the Governor-General, the High Court, the general legal system, the police, the armed forces, the education system, the public service, the unions, big business, the banking system, the media, and various lobby groups; not to mention foreign governments. All of these (and there would be others) have the ability to exercise a certain power.

If Nationalists were tomorrow to control enough seats in parliament so as to form a government, there are several things that the cosmopolitan-internationalist Establishment could cause to happen:

1) The Governor-General could sack the Government, dissolve parliament, and even appoint a "caretaker government" (and maybe, or maybe not, call new elections straight away). (Note: Precedents for this have already been set. The NSW Governor, Sir Philip Game, sacked the NSW government of Jack Lang on 13 May 1932; The Governor-General, Sir John Kerr, sacked the Commonwealth government of Gough Whitlam on 11 November 1975).

2) The High Court could declare all new anti-immigration and pro-European Australia laws as constitutionally invalid (reversible only by enormously difficult referendum - which historically is likely to produce a "No" vote - and even with a "Yes" result, there are various things the Governor-General could do to delay or derail it).

3) The armed forces could take over the running of the country, with or without the police, and with or without the aid of the Governor-General. (Note: In 1994, in Algeria, the armed forces took control of the country to stop Islamic fundamentalists from democratically becoming the elected government).

4) The unions, big business, the education system, and the media could all make running the country a difficult job (a general strike, various local strikes, economic boycotts, rallies, public disinformation, etc.).

The fact is, the cosmopolitan-internationalist Establishment will not let us take power (at least, not without a fight). The cosmopolitan-internationalists are committed to their ideology (just as we are) and will use "legal" and illegal means to try to stop us - the present undemocratic "anti-racist" laws are tame compared with what they can "cook up" for us.

On our road to power, the Establishment will go all-out to stop us. One of their best weapons - the media - will be employed constantly against us, using the most vile, lying, smearing tactics possible.

In order to achieve power, Nationalists will have to eventually win over certain sectors of the nation's power bases, both inside and outside parliament. We will need to win certain places within parliament, from which we can "link-up" to certain allies and those who will side with us on certain issues: Once we gain a sector of parliament, the potential for new laws (and, indeed, government) by "wheeling and dealing" opens up to us. However, to protect such deals from interference or destruction from outside parliament, we must control certain sectors of other national power bases. The unions and the public service are open for us to control certain sectors. Big business, the education system, and the media will be a lot more difficult (but once our laws are being passed, whether they are essential or not is debatable). But, it is the police and armed forces (or selected units thereof) which have the power to physically depose a Nationalist-controlled government, and therefore are most likely to be used by the Establishment to get rid of us - it is therefore essential that we cultivate support in these areas (especially to gain members) so as to stop, or render inoperative, any use of these forces that may be "illegally" used against us.

The saving of our nation, and the establishment of an Independent White Australia, is not a game. The traitor class will do everything to oppose us, and we must be prepared to not only meet the challenge, but to carry on beyond it. Success is not guaranteed, but with a dedicated Nationalist movement, we can achieve our final objectives.

The Coming Struggle: Tasks for Australian Nationalists

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