Union Jacks and Southern Skies - part one, section seven

The Union Jack in Australia's Flag

The fact is that there was no doubt that the Union Jack would be part of the Commonwealth Flag, indeed, that it would occupy the most important position on the flag.

The Union Jack was not included in the flag to symbolise our heritage, as some claim, but to symbolise Great Britain itself. The Review of Reviews related that the flag "should contain the Union Jack, to stand for Great Britain", not to stand for our British heritage.(20)

As the Flags Act 1953 proclaimed: "The Australian National flag is the British Blue Ensign... differenced by a large white star... and five white stars, representing the Southern Cross..." (emphasis added). That is, the Commonwealth Flag is a British Blue Ensign "defaced" by some Australian emblems.(21*)

Union Jacks and Southern Skies

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