Union Jacks and Southern Skies - appendix two

Appendix Two

The Use of the Southern Cross in Australian Flags

1823-1824         National Colonial Flag for Australia

1831-1901 NSW Ensign
1830s NSW Merchant Flag
1830s Sydney Flag
1851 Australasian Anti-Transportation League
1853 Murray River Flag (New South Wales/Victoria)
1853 Murray River Flag (South Australia)
1854 Eureka Flag
1870-1877 Victoria, State Flag
1870-1876 South Australia, State Flag
1870-1876 New South Wales, State Flag
1875-1876 Tasmania, State Flag
1876-Present New South Wales, State Flag
1877-1901 Victoria, State Flag (with the Imperial crown)
1889-1901 Australian Federation Flag
1900 Herald Federal Flag
1901-Present Victoria, State Flag (with St. Edward's crown)
1901-1903 Commonwealth Ensign (competition design)
1903-1909 Commonwealth Ensign (1903 Gazette design)
1909-Present Commonwealth Ensign (1909 Gazette design)
(National Flag from 1954)
1978-Present Northern Territory
1993-Present Australian Capital Territory

Note: This list is intended to represent all important Australian Southern Cross flags, but does not cover all flags and designs. For example, designs excluded include: Civil Air Ensign of Australia (1935), Royal Australian Air Force (1948), Royal Australian Navy (1967).

Union Jacks and Southern Skies

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