Handbook for Australian Nationalists


It is hoped that readers of this work will gain a wider and deeper understanding of Australian Nationalism.

Nonetheless, we must remember - and remind others - that it is vital for actual physical work to be carried out in the service of our cause.

All Nationalists should be actively involved in the work of spreading our message, and in helping to recruit new members to our ranks, so that we may come to implement policies to save Australia.

Anybody can do one, or several, of the following activities:
- Letterboxing leaflets
- Distributing stickers and posters
- Handing out leaflets at shopping areas, on street corners, or at public events
- Participating in public demonstrations

Not everyone can or will do all of the above activities; however, all of us (except, perhaps, the sick or elderly) can carry out at least one of those activities. If we are serious about saving Australia, then we should be making a contribution to the fight by regular physical work and/or by regular donations.

When dangers loom before our nation; when the time to act has come; then our people, our ancestors, and our future generations all look to a person to act, to fight back.

The dangers are clear

The time is now

The person is you

Join the fight!

Win back Australia!

Handbook for Australian Nationalists

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