Handbook for
Australian Nationalists




Mass Immigration: Undermining Australia's Way of Life
Mass immigration threatens Australia's physical survival, as it can irreversibly damage our fragile environment; it also threatens Australia's national survival by providing a demographic support base for Multiculturalism and Asianisation.

The Menace of Multiculturalism
Multiculturalism threatens Australia's national identity and culture; it downgrades and dismisses Australia's home-grown culture; and it encourages Australians (especially our youth) to think of themselves as Multiculturalists or globalists, to become - in effect - non-Australians. It also acts as an ideological support base for mass immigration and Asianisation.

The Asianisation of Australia
Asianisation threatens the survival of the Australian people, via a trend towards anti-European genocide based upon 1) high proportion and numbers of Asian immigration, 2) high Asian birthrates, and 3) the gradual integration of European and Asian populations; all assisted by social and government policies which encourage a low European-Australian birthrate.

The Fight for Australian Culture
There are several threats to our national culture: mass immigration, Multiculturalism, Asianisation, the British mind-set (now in decline), Americanisation. Elements of the Australian national identity and culture are outlined.

The Nature of State Power
The current Establishment is committed to cosmopolitan-internationalism, and is thus committed to mass immigration, Multiculturalism, and Asianisation. Despite a public pretence of adhering to the forms of democracy, the Establishment (or major elements thereof - such as the media, police, law courts, and law-makers) will abuse and misuse their powers, change “the rules of the game” when necessary, and even act illegally in their efforts to stop Nationalists acquiring influence in Australia.

How to Combat the Political Police
Exposes some of the tactics that have been used by the various political police agencies operating in Australia (ASIO, Special Branch, etc.) to harass, weaken, and destroy Nationalist groups. Practical advice is given on how to counter the anti-Nationalist activities of the political police.

The Coming Struggle
Discusses the ideology of Australian Nationalism, as well as its necessary political form. A brief outline is given of the political-ideological problems facing patriots. It outlines the tactics and forms of organisation necessary for the development of a modern Nationalist movement.

Taking Back the Moral High Ground
Shows that Nationalists are fighting for the rights of their people, whilst Multiculturalists are liars and racists, who oppose free speech and democracy, promote genocide, and produce shameful propaganda in education and the media.

The Excuses
Looks at some of the excuses offered by those who maintain that they agree with the Nationalist cause, but who lack the moral fibre to become active.

Simple Rules for Nationalists
Details simple rules for active Nationalists working in an era where authoritarian Multiculturalists run the state.


30 October 2004

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