Handbook for Australian Nationalists

The Excuses

There will always be those who agree with us, but who have an "excuse" for not taking an active part in the fight for Australia.

Common excuse number one:
"I can't, because of my… [social position, employment, business, relationship, etc.]"

Any of us could suffer from Multiculturalist bigotry and hatred, but unless we are willing to run a risk in the present, then we will have no future.
The men of the Kokoda Track risked their lives fighting the Japanese in World War Two to save our nation - can our risk really compare to that?

Common excuse number two:
"I'll join with you later on"

Yeah, we've all heard that one before. It's more than likely these people will never join. Either way, there will be no "later on" unless people begin to pull their weight now. Even if they have a truly valid reason for not being active in the fight, surely they could contribute financially or in some other way. This is the "I'll start tomorrow" excuse - and "tomorrow" never comes.

"I'm an ideas person"
We have the ideas, now we need the activity. Even "ideas people" can, and should, contribute physically as well.

"I'm with you in spirit"
Thank you; but unless you actually contribute something, then that support means very little, doesn't it?

In reality, many excuse-makers just want someone else to do the fighting for them, or they care very little or just don't care at all. With the possible exceptions of the elderly, sick, and mothers of young children, no-one has an excuse not to fight for their country. What can you say about someone who agrees with us, recognises the plight of our people, but does nothing? Will they contribute regular donations instead? No? That's not surprising, is it?

Ignore the moral cowards and those who have LMF (Lack of Moral Fibre).

Handbook for Australian Nationalists

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