Handbook for Australian Nationalists


There comes a time in every Nation's history when external and internal dangers combine to produce a situation that threatens the very survival of the People.

That time of danger is now. The time to steel ourselves against those that threaten Australia is now. We must fight against those who would destroy our nation, and we must fight to win.

This is not a game; it is a serious struggle for our right to survive; and we battle against hate-filled Multiculturalists who will fight against us with the cunning, savagery, and morality of cornered sewer rats.

This handbook has been compiled for Australian Nationalists as a general guide to the grave dangers that face our Nation; it outlines broad tactics to engage in the political and cultural war that we have been forced to enter into.

As a one-volume work, this publication cannot address all issues, nor explore all matters in-depth. There are a wide variety of Nationalist materials that have been published that cover these matters in greater depth, both in print and on the internet. It is hoped that all Nationalists will increase their knowledge, so as to be able to promote their cause to the greatest extent possible.

However, we must realise that simply having information, without acting upon it, is close to useless. It is the active building of the Nationalist movement that counts. Recruitment and distribution of materials are the important tasks for us. If you care about what is happening in our great country, if you care about the future of your family and their descendants, if you care about Australia - join together with other Australian Nationalists, and become active in the fight to save our People and our Nation.

Whether you do it for your nation, family, children, grandchildren, or yourself -

Join the fight!

Win back Australia!

Handbook for Australian Nationalists

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