Handbook for Australian Nationalists

Simple Rules for Nationalists

"Need To Know"
Follow the "Need To Know" rule; keep organisational information close to your chest.

"I have nothing to say"
Always refuse to speak to the political police - they are paid to be our enemies (e.g. ASIO). Give no information to government agencies who ask questions regarding Nationalist tactics, members, or organisational matters (no matter whether it be police or other government agencies).
Refer any media enquiries to the organisation's spokesperson - no exceptions. Be wary of the media, they are our ideological enemies and will not hesitate to lie, cheat, or steal in order to run anti-Nationalist propaganda.

Confidential information should remain confidential
Do not give away any confidential information (neither to friend nor foe) about
- Organisational matters (structures, membership numbers, tactics, etc.)
- Members/activists/supporters (surnames, addresses, contact details, roles, etc.) - "We don't supply information that may be a violation of privacy"
- Identities/pseudonyms - "We neither confirm nor deny such questions"
- Nor do we want to publicly air internal disagreements or divisions.

Avoid distractions
- Provocation by extremist groups (e.g. extreme "left" - however, self-defence is acceptable if necessary)
- Infiltration by extremist groups (e.g. extreme "right" - beware of those spouting national-socialism, as they are usually trouble-makers or agent-provocateurs).
- Those who advocate violence - these are obviously trouble-makers at the very least, but may also be enemy agent-provocateurs.
- Religion or sectarianism (e.g. Protestant vs. Catholic, Jewish conspiracy theorists)
- Unreliable conservatives (who want to "save" the flag and the monarchy; but won't oppose Asianisation, or are against electoral and/or non-electoral activities)
- Carry no "dead wood" - all members must contribute (either by activities or financial contributions).

Be aware that the Establishment will use crooked laws to oppress Nationalists. One example is the "racial vilification" laws - these were introduced to curb the rights of Nationalists to freedom of speech, and to minimise the right to criticize government policies on immigration, Multiculturalism, and Asianisation. Other laws may be deliberately misused to oppress or destabilize Nationalists. The Government will use both the political police (ASIO, etc.) and the ordinary police in efforts to harass Nationalists.

Are people morally bound to obey oppressive laws? The answer is no - whether it be in Communist Russia, Nazi Germany, or Multiculturalist Australia. Nationalists have a moral right to oppose authoritarian Multiculturalist laws.

As Napoleon once stated, "He who saves a nation breaks no law".

Handbook for Australian Nationalists

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