Mass Immigration: Undermining Australia's Way of Life

Section Four


Since being frightened by the belief of having to "populate or perish" in the 1940s, it has been part of the Australian psyche that this country needs to be filled if it is not to be lost. The belief that a large population was necessary for defence drove Australia's immigration programme after World War Two, and the image of a large number of conscripts ready for combat with .303 rifles defending our Northern shores is perpetuated as a reason for immigration.

Times have changed. Today's defence needs require a sophisticated military infrastructure and a strong economy. We need a professional, well-trained, mobile, technologically advanced force with access to sophisticated weapon systems.

Beyond this, we need a united purpose and sense of community to oppose an enemy. The Russian defeat in Afghanistan, and the American debacle in Vietnam, illustrate this point. A rapid migrant intake will diminish these qualities, introducing divided loyalties and undermining a central commitment to Australia. The Government's unstated policy of encouraging Asian immigration in the hope that this will discourage more hostile Asian designs on Australia is foolishness in the extreme.

The 1987 Government Policy information paper The Defence of Australia states: "No population increase is necessary for defence and the dangers of a nuclear war or terrorism are not averted by an increased population."

Clearly our defence needs are unrelated to population increase through immigration.

Mass Immigration: Undermining Australia's Way of Life

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