Immigration flood gates

Mass Immigration

Undermining Australia's Way of Life


Population Size
The Ageing Population Argument
International Ramifications

Section One: Culture
Australia First
She'll Be Right, Mate
One Culture Or Multiculturalism?

Section Two: The Environment
Homo Sapiens: An Environmental Impact Statement
Urban Environment

Section Three: The Economy
Technological Goods
The Economic Cost Of Immigration

Section Four: Defence

Section Five: Humanitarianism
Foreign Aid
Illegal Immigrants
Family Reunions
The Brain Drain

Section Six: Health

Section Seven: Education



It is recommended that the summary of the main document is read so as to gain a general overview before reading the larger document.

Note from the editor: This publication has been produced using source documentation previously published elsewhere (subject to editing and alteration), as well as including sections written by the editor.

Ryan T. Jones

11 November 1996

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