Mass Immigration: Undermining Australia's Way of Life

Section Five



Large scale immigration into Australia of refugees has almost no effect on the refugee's country of origin, which would - no doubt - instead welcome significant and practical aid from Australia. We seem to have confused overseas aid with immigration, and in doing so are offering opportunities to a few at the expense of the many.

There are approximately seventeen million refugees in the world today and any refugee intake programme could never be more than a token gesture. At the moment we take one-tenth of 1% of these refugees. Huge amounts of money is currently being spent on them, for 1) their importation (most refugees we receive come from foreign refugee camps, and are flown into Australia by the Government; only a numerically insignificant minority actually arrive here in boats), 2) initial accommodation and general well-being, 3) subsequent housing assistance, 4) education (teaching them English in particular), 5) health, 6) welfare payments (most cannot find employment for several years), etc., etc., etc. - as well as the large public service structures set up and expanded just to meet their needs and subsequent problems. It is idiotic, if the Australian Government is actually "fair dinkum" about helping refugees, to go to such great effort and to spend such huge amounts of money on this 0.1% of refugees, when that same amount of money (or even a half of it) could help a thousand times more those 99.9% of refugees left behind (we should bear in mind that the Australian dollar squandered here can actually buy a lot more in poor Third World countries).

Instead of importing refugees, efforts could be made on their behalf to solve the political problems which caused their plight, by providing support and taking diplomatic action towards the re-establishment of refugees back in their own land.

Also, Australia's current refugee immigration policies are encouraging the creation of a new class of illegal migrants: the "economic refugee". So many so-called "refugees" now fall into this category, where they have left their squalid, poor homes in search of a better existence in a richer Western country, in contrast to the genuine refugees who have fled their country due to a real fear of persecution from their government.

The importation of refugees not only doesn't make economic sense (as, for the same money, we could help thousands more refugees who are still in the Third World), but it particularly doesn't make social sense. The arrival of tens of thousands of Third World refugees, especially on top of the hundreds of thousands of other Third World immigrants that we already have had foisted upon us, is creating social disunity and upheaval - and is an integral part of the destruction of Australia's national and cultural identity. This is why most true-blue Australians don't want our nation to be turned into a "refugee dumping ground". We don't want to take in any more refugees - as this only adds to our national destruction!!!


However, it should also be recognised that foreign aid for countries with refugees is a luxury that we should not throw money at, until we have sorted out our own national problems. While it is "nice" to help other peoples and/or nations, our first responsibility is to ourselves. Before we throw our money down into the bottomless pit of foreign aid, we have to ask ourselves why are we doing this at a time when our own people are crying out for better hospitals (witness the long waiting lists, and some of the associated horrific stories of Australians becoming crippled, or dying, awaiting treatment), education, etc. We give away to foreign countries about $1,386,000,000 (1992-93 figures) each year - and all this at a time when we are borrowing money to finance government expenditure (that is, in effect we are borrowing - with interest - some $1.4 BILLION just to throw it away overseas). Are we really that stupid?

Also to be considered is the huge amounts that these Third World countries often spend on their military (especially on modern weaponry). Why, for instance, do we give Indonesia around $128 million (that's 9.2% of our total foreign aid: 1992-93 figures) each year, when they are spending so much on their military capacity (for instance, in 1993 their defence expenditure was US$2.03 billion; and that's excluding their defence industrial spending) - they obviously have the money to spend, but would rather spend it in other fields whilst the stupid Australians "pick up the tab" - which means we are actually subsidising their armed forces (this is really hilarious, considering the view of Indonesia as our most likely defence threat).

Australia already has a host of "international aid" organisations; such as World Vision, Community Aid Abroad, and Save the Children Fund. They collect money everywhere for the "starving", for the "hungry children". They "Walk Against Want", "Run For Africa", starve themselves for a "Forty Hour Famine", etc. But they cannot see the real problem, only alleviate their guilt-feelings over having a full stomach while some Third Worlder starves to death. They have missed the point: that until Third World countries limit their population growth, there is nothing that can really be done to make their lot any better. Keeping a child alive sounds lovely until it grows up and has 10 children of its own (note: usually, with these foreign aid agencies we are talking about a "child", as - for propaganda purposes - foreign aid agencies rarely focus on Third World adults). For every 20 million Third Worlders alive today, we could be looking at a growth attaining some 600 million (!!!!) in only a hundred years from now (if their birth rates remain the same). By then, no "Walk Against Want" could avert the ensuing disaster - which would have happened a long time before that anyway. These facts must be faced. Overpopulation is one of the greatest threats to the future happiness of the world. Do we really want to see another 100 tragedies as has already happened in Kampuchea, Ethiopia, and Somalia???? The European race, of which we are a part, has no reason to feel "guilty" about the starvation of the Third World. Let the Third World solve its own problems (it is nothing to do with us, we have our own problems to sort out) - and let our bleeding-heart liberal-internationalists stay out of it, lest they make a catastrophe out of a crisis!


We are constantly confronted in the media with the individual illegal immigrant pleading to remain in Australia. The problems and costs of just one individual case can easily be spread over the community, but when these cases are multiplied by our
current net intake of illegal immigrants, and considering that this number is being repeated every year (note: there are presently three million people wishing to migrate to Australia), the impossibility of the current emotional "open door" policy is obvious. Illegal immigrants are quite simply just "queue jumpers" who have decided to get into Australia ahead of everyone else, so that they can enjoy the benefits of a better existence. While they are here illegally, they often collar a job, thus depriving Australians of employment. They break the law by being here, they snub their nose at those who are patiently waiting to migrate, they take jobs away from Australians, and often rip us all off by avoiding taxes - and then they expect to be allowed to stay!!! Illegal immigrants are a blight on the Australian community, and deserve nothing more than immediate deportation and confiscation of any money earned whilst illegally in Australia.


In those cases where it is deemed advantageous for Australia to accept a new settler, it would be expected that he/she would bring spouse and children (if the spouse and children did not settle at the same time, then their settlement in Australia may be arranged later on). All that aside, the government-promoted version of "family reunion" programmes, past and present, (involving adult relatives, such as parents, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, etc.) is, and always has been, a farce. Migration inherently involves the separation of an immigrant from his/her wider family - if it is so important for someone not to separate from his/her family, then they should not emigrate in the first place. There is no logical or moral case for preferentially allowing independent adult relations of migrants to immigrate here on the grounds that they already have a relative here. The institutionalised nepotism of the "family reunion" programme is unwarranted and has resulted in a pattern of never-ending chain migration.


Considering the fact that past and present Liberal and Labor governments have imported educated, skilled, and monied migrants from poor Third World countries (known as "The Brain Drain", as it drains those countries - who can least afford it - of their educated and monied elite, especially doctors, engineers, etc.), it would be hypocritical of them to attack Nationalists on humanitarian grounds.

It is time that we overcame the "White guilt-complex", and start to focus our attention (and our money) on Australians, instead of wasting our resources on the bottomless pits of foreign aid and Third World refugees, whilst our own problems deepen.

Mass Immigration: Undermining Australia's Way of Life

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