Mass Immigration: Undermining Australia's Way of Life

Section Six


There are many diseases being introduced into Australia: T.B., leprosy, and parasitic diseases; but these are controllable, treatable, and not of long term significance.

Hepatitis B, however, is a severe new disease being brought into Australia from Asia and, unlike the common Hepatitis A, results in chronic illness, chronic carrier status, and large numbers of deaths. The following information has been cleared for use by the Fairfield Infectious Diseases Hospital in Melbourne:

Hepatitis B is endemic in Africa and Asia. Over one billion people have been infected. This results in two million deaths per year and a carrier population of 200 million people (that is, one person in six). Carriers, though being healthy themselves, are always infectious.

The mode of transmission of Hepatitis B is similar to that of AIDS, but is one hundred times more infectious, and spreads in a non-sexual fashion within families, between children in situations where oral spread is likely, and to non-immune individuals in close contact with large carrier populations.

Ten years ago, Hepatitis B was a very rare disease in Australia, but it is now estimated that 20 000 cases occur in Australia every year.

Acute deaths per year are less than 1% of the total number of cases, probably 20 to 100 deaths per year, but later deaths occurring over the next 40 years are in the order of 500 (that is, 520 deaths will result from the 20 000 cases of Hepatitis B which have occurred this year).

The Australian Government knowingly, willingly, and without concern for the non-immune Australian population, has brought massive numbers of Asian immigrants into Australia, of whom approximately 1 in 6 is a carrier of a very severe and frequently fatal disease. The Government is now morally obliged to begin a mass immunisation programme of those at special risk in the Australian community, especially children of school and pre-school age, and to call a halt to immigration from the Third World (Africa and Asia in particular).

The costs, beyond those of vaccination, of this growing epidemic are estimated in the order of hundreds of millions of dollars per year.

These are the facts of the risks to the nation's health from Hepatitis B, and demonstrate that the immigration programme is of more importance to the Government than the lives and actual deaths of its citizens.

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Mass Immigration: Undermining Australia's Way of Life

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