Mass Immigration: Undermining Australia's Way of Life


We have a clear choice:

We can accept increasing immigration with the consequent exploitation of this land, and a falling standard of living and quality of life; living in crowded, polluted, high density cities, with over-taxed recreational areas and inter-communal tensions. The economic consequences of increasing foreign debt, foreign ownership, and undesirable, unsustainable economic expansion will destroy any chance of maintaining the best features of Australian life as we know it. And, as migrant numbers increase, there will be an escalating push for an ever higher migrant intake which eventually will be unstoppable. The end result for the Australian people will be a very low standard of living (the "poor White trash of Asia"?), and the complete destruction of our unique national identity and culture.


We can stop mass immigration and attempt to live in harmony with our fragile environment, creating an economically and environmentally sound, self-reliant and self-sustaining community, maintaining our quality of life, and handing on to future generations a country which will be cherished, enjoyed, and free from the problems of over-population.

Mass Immigration: Undermining Australia's Way of Life

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