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Note: Those sites that have included a link to this site have been marked with three stars, ***. It may be worthwhile bookmarking these sites as, if this site is ever closed down by authoritarian censorship moves, those sites will be informed ASAP of the new internet address of this site, should such censorship ever occur.

Australia: Politics in General

The Armidale Politics Page from the University of New England (in Armidale, New South Wales) has some interesting links regarding Australian politics and current affairs.

Australian Commonwealth Government; gives links to Commonwealth government departments, press releases, and other government sites.

Australian Electoral Commission.

*** The Australian Politics Resource
A quite comprehensive guide to Australian politics (Site Editor is David Moss). Includes links to most political parties (major and minor), other political organisations***, some individual politicians, political articles, political issues (e.g. the republican, flag, and gun debates), the Australian Constitution, Hansards (transcripts of parliamentary debates, Commonwealth and State/Territory), and many more.

Palmer's Oz Politics
Lots of links to Australian politics (site editor is Bryan Palmer). Concentrates on "middle of the road" or "mainstream" politics.
Check out the links page.

Parliament of Australia
Includes Hansards
Includes the Parliamentary Library
Some interesting information on all sorts of topics.

The Politics of Australian Cities, States, Parties and Federal Government

Overseas: Politics in General

Internet Resource Guides from the School of Politics, International Relations & the Environment, Keele University.
The Keele Guide to Political Thought and Ideology on the Internet.
Hosted by the Department of Politics at the University of Keele. Fantastic number of world-wide political links of all sorts. What doesn't it cover??
See Keele's politics page on the USA.
*** See Keele's politics page on Australia, New Zealand, and Pacific (here, ANID is listed as "Australian Nationalist Information Site").

Political and Media Links UK (And Some Foreign)
Heaps of UK political and media links (and, as the title says, some non-UK).

Political Parties and Youth Organizations in Europe
Arranged by country, with quite a few links for each country.

Political Resources on the Web
From the Jean and Charles Shulz Information Center

Political Science Resources on the Web
Produced by the University of Michigan Library

Richard Kimber's Political Science Resources
Heaps of links to all areas of politics. Well organised - a great resource.
See Richard Kimber's Political Parties and Movements list, which gives an extensive list of world-wide political links.
*** See the Australian list of political organisations
Note: There is also a quite good list of Australian general politics links.

The World Factbook
Produced by the CIA. All sorts of information regarding countries in general.

Nationalist Publications
Links to Political Internet Sites

Australian Nationalism Information Database