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Listed below are those documents which are considered to be essential reading for Australian Nationalists. Also, some extra documents and lists of recommended publications have been included.

These documents have been arranged in an informative and logical sequence, so that each document builds upon the other. To gain maximum benefit, these documents should be read in the order as set out below.

Part One: Population Issues
Part Two: Culture and Nationalism
Part Three: Government and State Power
Part Four: Republicanism
Part Five: Miscellaneous

            Part One: Population Issues            

Mass Immigration: Undermining Australia's Way of Life
Reveals that Australia's past and present mass immigration policies have been, and are still, devastating to our national identity and culture, as well as leading to the destruction of our country's fragile environment. Other aspects of mass immigration are discussed, such as health, defence, and education.
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The Menace of Multiculturalism
Explains how the political doctrine of Multiculturalism arose in Australia as a consequence of successive governments pursuing policies of mass immigration. It reveals that the Multiculturalist doctrine is contradictory, costly, dangerous, and divisive; and that its continuing implementation is leading to the destruction of Australia's National Identity and Culture.
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The Asianisation of Australia
Exposes how our country's Establishment has committed itself - both in ideological and practical terms - to the Asianisation of our nation. It shows how the unofficial policy of Asianisation began with the widening and liberalisation of Australia's mass immigration programmes; was strengthened by the policy of Multiculturalism (which is only a stepping stone to the "Asian future" planned for our country); and is being facilitated by politicians, businessmen, and bureaucrats eager to enmesh Australia with the so-called "economic power-house" of Asia.
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Produced in three volumes:
These documents have been published to offer criticism of mass immigration, Multiculturalism, and Asianisation as major threats to our environment, our people, and our way of life.

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            Part Two: Culture and Nationalism            

The Fight for Australian Culture
Looks at the development and distinctiveness of our national identity, and the threats posed to it by mass immigration, Multiculturalism, the British mind-set, Americanisation, and Asianisation. Explores the concepts of People, Nation, and State. Discusses the ideology and outlook of nativist Australian nationalism.
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The National Heroes of Australia
A series of publications regarding the political and cultural heritage of Australian nationalism, covering people such as Henry Lawson, "Banjo" Paterson, Daniel Deniehy, Jack Lang, and Ned Kelly; as well as events that have helped to define our national ethos, such as the Eureka Stockade, Lambing Flat, and the battle of the Kokoda Track - all of which are themselves an important part of our national identity.

The Americanisation of Australian Culture
A look at the effects upon Australian culture by Americanisation - the effect upon a local culture by the long-term and large-scale importation of elements of a crass consumerist culture founded in the USA.

These documents have been published to give some substance to the breadth and depth of Australian culture, now disappearing under the weight of the foreign ideology of Multiculturalism and being ruined by media-based Americanisation.

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            Part Three: Government and State Power            

Shows how our current system of government is actually anti-democratic due to its misuse and abuse. Problems include:
1) the major political parties, which are self-serving, power-seeking machines; each run by a political elite, whereby effectively 5 or 6 people determine parliamentary decisions,
2) a system of single member electorates, which ensures that about 45% of the population are not truly represented, and
3) a bogus "representative" system where Members of Parliament represent - not the people - but instead the Member's own particular party or party faction.
A system of participatory democracy is put forward as an alternative to the present mess.

The Nature of State Power: The Farce of Democracy in Australia
Shows how the ideology of cosmopolitan-internationalism has entrenched itself within the media, education system, and parliament. It reveals the reality of State Power: that when the cosmopolitan-internationalist Establishment is threatened, it will react like a cornered rat; that despite its outward trappings of democracy, the Establishment will not hesitate to use undemocratic, authoritarian tactics to save itself and prevent the rise of Nationalists to political power. Establishment tactics will include legislative oppression (e.g. so-called racial vilification laws), vile media tactics, as well as "legal" and illegal harassment by political police and corrupted ordinary police (such harassment has already included ongoing surveillance, infiltration, "spoiler" operations, bogus legal actions, frame-ups, and even physical violence). Some naive patriots will deny these as possibilities, but they should realise the fact that the Establishment no longer regards Communists as the main threat; that it now regards so-called "racists" as the main enemy. Consider the tactics and harassment ("legal" and illegal) carried out against the Communists in the 1950s & 1960s - only a fool would deny that the System will do the same to the Nationalists in the years to come (in fact, the Establishment has already started carrying out various anti-Nationalist activities, both "legal" and illegal). Nationalists must realise the types of harassment that the minions of the System will come up with, and prepare themselves accordingly.
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How to Combat the Political Police:
Understanding the Role of Intelligence Agencies in the "Legal" and Illegal Harassment of Nationalist Movements (And How to Implement Counter-Measures)

Gives a brief background to the various political police agencies operating in Australia. It exposes some of the tactics that have been used by ASIO, Special Branch, etc., to harass, weaken, and destroy Nationalist groups. More importantly, practical advice is given on how to counter the anti-Nationalist activities of the political police. It is important to realise that ASIO, and like agencies, are not staffed by conservative patriots who are "essentially good" - they are staffed by those who have been selected for their commitment to the cosmopolitan-internationalist ideology. We must recognise that these people are willing tools of the Establishment; they are just another "enemy". In our struggle to defeat the System, Nationalists must be prepared to guard against, and to counter the activities of the political police.
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The Coming Struggle: Tasks for Australian Nationalists
Looks at the historical development of modern Australian Nationalism, and explains the differences between Nationalist and Conservative patriots. Discusses the ideology of Australian Nationalism, as well as its necessary political form. A brief outline is given of the political-ideological problems facing patriots. Most importantly, it outlines tactics and the forms of organisation necessary for the development of a modern Nationalist movement. Essential reading for all serious Nationalists.
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            Part Four: Republicanism            

Republic Versus Monarchy
Puts forward the basic arguments against Australia being under the "rule" of the Queen of the United Kingdom (although, in practical terms, she is primarily the Queen of England). It is shown that the symbolic use of the British Monarch as Australia's Head of State has actual political and cultural repercussions, whereby such symbolism has helped to encourage a "cultural cringe", and to spawn a British mind-set psychology (a colonial legacy) within Australia which has stunted the development of the nativist Australian national culture and identity; as well as frustrating, and having a general negative affect upon, aspirations towards true national independence.

Union Jacks and Southern Skies: The Australian Commonwealth Flag and the Need for a New National Flag
Tells the story of the political-social machinations behind the creation of the Australian Commonwealth Flag, thus showing the need for a new flag to represent our nation. The symbolism of including Britain's Union Jack within the design of Australia's "national" flag is opposed, as this - like the retention of the British Monarch as our Head of State - promotes and continues the British mind-set that still affects our nation's culture.

These documents show that, while we owe much to Britain for the foundations of our nation, the British Establishment and those of the local "British-Australian" mind-set have consistently stunted the development of our nativist national identity and culture, and have opposed the attainment of true Australian Independence. It is shown that, although not as destructive as multiculturalism and Asianisation, the British mind-set is still harmful to our national identity and culture. The point being made here is that only true Australians will put Australia first, and that we must depend upon ourselves to ensure the survival of our nation.

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            Part Five: Miscellaneous            

[Further optional reading]

Australia's Experiment in Communism
A short history of William Lane's ill-fated experiment for a utopian settlement in Paraguay, South America. The name of this "Working Man's Paradise" was New Australia. This ill-fated saga demonstrates the futility and impossibility of Communism in "the real world".

Fire of the Southern Cross: A Collection of Poetry for Australian Nationalists
Poetry by Henry Lawson, Banjo Paterson, and many others.

Handbook for Australian Nationalists
Addresses various areas of concern to Australian Nationalists: immigration, multiculturalism, Asianisation, state power, political police, the coming struggle, and the taking back of the moral high ground.

The Insidious Box: Mind Control Through Television, Education, and the Law
Reviews and criticises the role of television in society, the education system, and anti-vilification laws.

Multiculturalist Lies
Answers to some of the lies that are parroted continuously as Multicultural slogans, such as "Australia is a multicultural country", "There is no Australian culture", "Australia is a nation of migrants", "Australia is part of Asia", etc.

Taking Back the Moral High Ground off-site
Fighting for the right for your people to exist is one of the highest moral values that can be aspired to. Contrary to how the biased media (mostly multiculturalists) present the issue, the preservation of one's own race is an important key in the fight against cultural and racial genocide. Discusses several issues related to that topic, including the important White Guilt Complex.
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