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DISCLAIMER: It should go without saying that the inclusion of any particular link does not in any way express or imply any endorsement of any political/social viewpoint that is being expressed or implied in such link. Of course, even though this has been plainly stated, some idiot is bound to cite a link, or links, listed below as proof that this implies some form of endorsement (sigh).
While these lists include organisations which are "straight forward", there are also others which - depending on your outlook - may be considered as "weird", "wacky", or "extremist" (YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED).

Note: Those sites that have included a link to this site have been marked with three stars, ***. It may be worthwhile bookmarking these sites as, if this site is ever closed down by authoritarian censorship moves, those sites will be informed ASAP of the new internet address of this site, should such censorship ever occur.

Racial-Nationalist novels

Hunter (by Andrew McDonald) [pdf file]

Survival of the Species (by C. Stewart)

The Turner Diaries (by Andrew McDonald)

Racial-Nationalist forums

Blut und Boden Forum

Pan-Aryan National Front

Patriotic Youth League Forum




White Survival Forums

Allgermanische Heidnische Front (Sweden - in English)
Purpose: "to be an institution for the development and reconstruction of our integral culture"

America First Party (USA)

The American Cause (USA)
"Putting America First!", headed by Patrick J. Buchanan.

American Nationalist Union (USA)

American Renaissance (USA)
American Renaissance is "America’s premiere publication of racial-realist thought". Has many interesting articles.
Includes Statement on Race as a Biological Concept
An interesting article by Professor Philippe Rushton of the University of Western Ontario, issued in 1996 in response to attempts to discredit the concept of race.
Includes The Reality of Race (USA)
A 1993 review of the book "Race", written by the eminent biologist John R. Baker in 1974

America's Race Crisis - and Separatism (USA)
Policy-studies site hosted by Dr. James Owens, professor and former Dean at The American University School of Business (Washington, DC)

Aryan Nations (USA)
Aryan Nations
Church of Jesus Christ Aryan Nations. White Racial-Religious Organisation (has been labelled as part of the "Christian Identity" movement).

Asatru Folk Assembly (USA)
Promotes the pre-Christian Northern European religion of Asatru

AWB (South Africa - in English and Afrikaans)
The AWB - Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (in English, the Afrikaner Resistance Movement)
It has a section in English
Also, see the "South Africa" section below

Beyond Left And Right
"Providing a Third Way alternative"

British National Party (UK)
British Nationalist organisation

The Campaign for National Democracy (UK)
(formerly the National Democrats)

The Campaign for Radical Truth in History (USA)
Historical Revisionist site (site creator is Michael Hoffman).
Has an interesting article on white slavery in the 17th and 18th centuries:
The Forgotten Slaves: Whites in Servitude in early America and Industrial Britain.

Canadian Heritage Alliance (Canada)

Christian Separatist Church Society (USA & Australia)
Says that the Bible is against multi-racialism

Council of Conservative Citizens (USA)

The Nationalist Movement (USA)

David Duke (USA)
And at the following sites: (not operating when checked 12-5-2004)--- (not operating when checked 12-5-2004)---
Was once leader of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, then left to establish the National Association for the Advancement of White People, was recently a Member of Parliament in Louisiana.
See his Race Information Library

Essays by Louis Beam (USA)

European American Issues Forum (USA)

Folk and Faith (USA)
Third Position organisation: "We are believers in National Revolution, Social Justice and Cultural Identity. We are defenders of our noble European ancestry and of the Orthodox Christian faith. We are neither left nor right-wing"

14 Words (USA)
Includes 14 Word Press
Note: "Fourteen Words" refers to a 14-word quote from David Lane "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children"

Front National (France)

Historical Review Press (UK)
Items regarding politics, race, media, etc.
Has various Books online regarding revisionism, race, etc.

Immigration Control Platform (Ireland)

Martin Luther King: An Historical Examination (USA)
See The Beast as Saint: The Truth About "Martin Luther King, Jr." which gives evidence that Martin Luther King was a plagarist, a communist, and a subversive.

Micetrap Distribution (USA) directs browsers to
White music site

The Militia Watchdog Archives (USA)
Lots of information regarding the US Militias.
Its links page has heaps of links to various groups: "Neo-Militia", Anti-Militia, Patriotic, "White Supremacy", Tax Protesters, etc.

National Alliance (USA)
National Alliance (mirror site) (USA)
American Racial-Nationalist organisation

National Association for the Advancement of White People (USA)

National Front (France)
Listed under "Front National "

National Front (UK)

National Vanguard (USA)
American Racial-Nationalist organisation

Northern Alliance (Canada)

Northern Women: The Aryan Sisterhood (USA?)
"Dedicated to the White Race and Family"

The Occidental Pan-Aryan Crusader (USA)

Our Legacy of Truth (USA)

Political Prisoners in Zimbabwe
Site re. the "Harare 3" political prisoners in Zimbabwe/Rhodesia

Prussian Blue (USA)
The Gaede sisters (Lynx and Lamb) produce pro-White music.

The Racial Compact (USA)
Essays by Richard McCulloch on Racial Preservation and Racial Independence

Resistance Records (USA)
Music site

The Scorpion (UK)
"The Scorpion is an English language magazine of metapolitics and culture which appears once a year, each issue dealing with a particular subject (e.g., imperialism, ecology, regionalism) from a perspective opposed to modernism and globalism."

Serbian Defense League gives a non-Establishment view on the Serbian conflict.
Top 100 Nationalist and Revisionist Sites
Free hosting available for websites "dedicated to nationalist, revisionist, or racially conscious content"

Social Contract Press (USA)
"The Social Contract Press is an educational and publishing organization advocating open discussion of such related issues as population size and rate of growth, protection of the environment and precious resources, limits on immigration, as well as preservation and promotion of a shared American language and culture."

Society for Nordish Physical Anthropology (Norway)
Dedicated to physical-anthropological research into the various indigenous populations of northern Europe
Alternate address:

Spearhead Magazine (UK)
British Nationalist magazine, edited by John Tyndall

Stormfront White Nationalist Resource Page (USA)
Stormfront White Nationalist Community
See the White Nationalist Resource Page (USA)

Synthesis: Journal Du Cercle De La Rose Noire (USA & England)
See the links page

The Truth at Last (USA)
Revisionist and Anti-Zionist Site

Vlaams Belang (Belgium)
read a page in English:
Formerly Vlaams Blok
read a page in English:

Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum (USA)
Articles on the continuing coverup of the massacre of the Branch Davidians at Waco by US security forces.

Wake Up Or Die (USA)

White Power Records (USA)
Music site

White Power World Wide (USA)
WPWW hosts internet sites

Women for Aryan Unity (branches in USA, Europe, South America, & Australia)

World Church of the Creator (USA) = not operational on day checked 12-5-2004---
Now known as "The Creativity Movement" (the Creativity Movement was formerly known as the "World Church of the Creator" until it lost a trademark infringement suit in 2002)
See the Disputed Holy Works section of for the two major works of the WCOTC (USA)
See Free Matt Hale (USA) re. their jailed leader

Yggdrasil's Library (USA)
Various articles and links.

Nationalist Publications
Links to Political Internet Sites

Australian Nationalism Information Database