The Nature of State Power: The Farce of Democracy in Australia

Section Five

Media Propaganda

Like any repressive society, the control of media (i.e. information) is an essential weapon in the Establishment arsenal. The media in Australia is centralised and owned by a few massive monopolies. Government connivance has assisted the process of monopolisation. The public mind is psychologically coerced by the media (as it is a powerful agency of social control and mobilisation). There is "linkage" between the government, the great corporations, and the "free" media to build A SYSTEM OF ECONOMIC-POLITICAL-PSYCHOLOGICAL CONTROL.

For instance, in 1980, one newspaper editor, P.P. McGuinness, indicated that a "conspiracy of silence" existed on the issue of Australia's Asianisation. Only "information" conducive to brainwashing the public was acceptable through all media outlets. For example, Fairfax supported the 1980 "Directions Conference" in Melbourne which produced high-sounding phrases in support of our country's "Asian Destiny". The assembled academics, educators, politicians, and capitalists pronounced themselves in favour of Kenneth Myer's idea of renaming Australia as AUSTRASIA (!!!).

The media "boosts" politicians and academics who push the right "line" and creates sympathy for particular causes, etc. As a power, it cannot be challenged other than by tactics which force it to publish a version (even if distorted) of patriotic action. Essentially, the media cannot be confronted "head-on" - like every other weapon of the Establishment. It can only be "sniped at" from safe positions - and parts of it can be "demoralised" by our "intelligent, sensible, and serious" ideology, and our successes.

We should continually bear in mind that the media acts as a propaganda organ of the State. It exists also to "condition" those who fight against the Establishment; it mocks Nationalist activism, suggests "better" ways to go about things, and "criticises" our public spokesmen - to turn both the people and other Nationalists against them. It selects "facts" and it strives to paint for the Australian People a rosy picture of their national future.

But if we take "media" in its widest definition to cover information "dissemination" in the community, then the education system can also be considered as a part of the Establishment's propaganda apparatus. It teaches the related ideas of cosmopolitanism, internationalism, and multiculturalism. Cosmopolitan academics, internationalists, multiculturalists, etc., write the textbooks which are forced onto our nation's youth to "de-nationalise" them; and render them either helpless against, or in support of, the Establishment's cosmopolitan-internationalist ideology.

Australian history that has been twisted to a cosmopolitan-internationalist viewpoint is taught to our youth. Other school subjects are also taught in such ways as to reflect the cosmopolitan-internationalist ideology. Indeed, teachers are effectively "screened", so that any "racist" teachers do not enter, or at least pass, teacher courses. With electronic and printed media outside the school; and with teacher and textbook propaganda within it, there can be little wonder why so much of Australia's youth has lost its way.

It should be recognised that patriotic Australians are not just up against some mistaken ideas of government, but are fighting an ideology that is being pushed by the entire apparatus of the "machine" of the anti-Australian State.

The Nature of State Power: The Farce of Democracy in Australia

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