The Traitor State
Nationalism vs. the Traitor State

The Nature of
State Power

The Farce of Democracy
in Australia


Section One: The Anti-Australian State
Section Two: The Farce of Parliamentary Elections
Section Three: Law, Police, Courts
Section Four: Secret Police and New Political Repression
Section Five: Media Propaganda
Section Six: Can State Power Be Taken Democratically In Australia?
Section Seven: The Nationalist Party and National Revolution
Section Eight: Some Conclusions

Glossary of Terms

It is recommended that the summary of the main document is read so as to gain a general overview before reading the larger document.

Note from the editor: This publication is a rewrite of a previously published pamphlet (subject to editing and alteration, as well as including sections written by the editor). The original author, (Dr.) Jim Saleam, has disclaimed any copyright in relation to the original pamphlet.

David Tremayne

11 November 1996

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