The Nature of State Power: The Farce of Democracy in Australia

Section Six

Can State Power Be Taken Democratically In Australia?

So far we have looked at the essentially "colonial" nature of the Australian State and its evolution into a viciously anti-Australian entity. We have looked at its array of weaponry, both physical and psychological. The cosmopolitan-internationalist Establishment, that is running Australia, does not take kindly to opposition. The "State" answers to the United States (including via ANZUS), the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, etc.; but NOT to the Australian People. Under the current State, Australia apparently must be ready to permit its resources to be plundered, its land colonised by the Asian states, its manufacturing base to be taken over or destroyed, and its youth sent away to die for foreign causes.

So we pose the question: Can the Australian People take charge of their own State? Suppose the Australian People calls forth its Nationalist party to fight for State Power: Can it be done democratically? Or would the Establishment use its armed forces to stop such a development? Would the System have long since resorted to its police, repressive legislation, and courts to harass a patriotic party? Would not the State enact laws to effectively render Nationalist political action as "illegal"? And would not the Establishment media strongly advocate and support such a move? Can a semi-colonial country with a mentality of service to overseas - a service into which it has many times sent its armies to die, hocked its economy, and discounted its natural wealth - be changed "peacefully" into an Independent Nationalist State? ALL LOGIC BAULKS AT SUCH AN IDEA!

There is simply NO WAY that the ruling "criminal gang" (comprising the current leaders of the major political parties, and their associated friends in big business and the media) will give up freely their "right" to rob the Nation and oppress the People. And the powerful external forces to which they are loyal would agree with them! We are certain also that the Establishment's paid generals, judges, secret police, and media flunkies would fight rather than surrender their privileges and control over the Nation. It would seem to many practical analysts so very unlikely that a nationalist political party could ever gain the "magic 51%" of popular support to ever defeat this System; as it is too entrenched, politically, economically, and psychologically (especially by the dead weight of "tradition"). BUT, it can still be brought down in the higher National Interest.

In other words - bearing in mind that the Establishment will ACT to stop the possibility of Nationalists becoming dominant in parliament, and realising that State Power does NOT entirely reside in parliament - an effective "normal", "legal"-"democratic"-"electoral" response to the tyranny of the Australian State may be IMPOSSIBLE in practise.

If a response to this System could be expressed in a verse, it would be:


8. From the poem "The Death of Ned Kelly", by John Manifold, 1948.

The Nature of State Power: The Farce of Democracy in Australia

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