The Nature of State Power: The Farce of Democracy in Australia

Section Seven

The Nationalist Party and National Revolution

A break from democratic illusions is necessary in the fight for Australia's freedom.

Indeed, more and more Australians are turning away from parliamentary politics and its set-piece parties. Amongst the youth there is "apathy" towards politics and a healthy hatred of politicians. Perhaps this is the beginning of "anti-politics" - the desire to militantly destroy what passes in Australia as politics? Even older people are rejecting traditional voting behaviour. Many farmers are turning against the National Party; small-business people are suspicious of the Liberal Party, and the Labor Party - by its own admission - is losing its working class support. "Other parties" are more popular than ever before. IN OTHER WORDS, A POLITICAL FERMENT HAS BEGUN. It is a part of a broad rejection of Establishment politics by the Australian People.

A responsibility rests upon the Nationalists to deepen this feeling. It is the function of the Nationalists to UNDERMINE TO THE LIMIT OF THEIR RESOURCES public confidence in the institutions of the old order. It is their aim to recruit members and supporters within the organs of the State Power: armed forces, police, public service, and the media; while striving to impress the public with a new ideal for Australia, with a Political Programme which can win the goal of an Independent White Australian Republic. These are broad tasks, certainly, but very necessary and urgent ones, part of the process of building an alternate political machine.

Australia must become a Nation, renewed, returned to its basic national principles, the principles of the first great Nationalist movement (of the 1880s and 1890s). And on the basis of new problems and dangers pushed forwards into a new century. In that sense we speak openly of a NATIONAL REVOLUTION. And can a revolution really proceed as a meek transfer of authority to a new party, without a collapse in the old order?

AUSTRALIA'S HISTORY TELLS US THE ROAD WE MUST FOLLOW. All patriotic Australians need to imbue themselves with our true national mythology: the drama of the Eureka Stockade, the Kelly Outbreak, the Republican Riots, the Shearers' Strike. We need, perhaps, if history calls for it, to cast a dark eye on Lambing Flat.

As Henry Lawson once wrote: The rules for this new form of politics will be set by changes in the mode of struggle set by the Establishment. As the Establishment's "leaders" resort to oppressive measures, are we to be held to account for forging a "subversive" nationalism, for embracing those forms of political struggle which have brought down the strongest of States?

The Nature of State Power: The Farce of Democracy in Australia

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