The Nature of State Power: The Farce of Democracy in Australia

Section Eight

Some Conclusions

Last century, the broad goals of Australian Nationalism (Federation, tariff barriers, White Australia, labour legislation, etc.) were won by a mass movement. Today, these goals, "reborn" in the modern context, can ONLY be achieved by a PARTY acting against a State machine a hundred times more unscrupulous and organisationally proficient than the old colonialism.

In 1901, the great ALP, which was - in those early days - the best representative of the Nationalist principle, entered into a sort of compromise with the old colonialism. Its central goals were "granted" from above if this party accepted the imperial order and became the "second party" of our own Westminster democracy. It did so and many of its principles lingered until the 1960s. The new Nationalists, however, will NOT be compromising anything with the old order. Our vision remains the one looked to in Australia's yesteryear: the Social Republic - which can only arise through a National Revolution.

Australia's political evolution shows clearly the essentially alien (or anti-Australian) nature of its State machine; and its repressive, deceptive, and psychologically coercive nature. To rescue the Nation, it is necessary to smash this "State" and build a new State which is based upon strong nationalist principles and ethics.

In the meantime, we can quote Napoleon Bonaparte:


The Nature of State Power: The Farce of Democracy in Australia

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